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5 Things You Need to Know When it comes to Business Brand Strategy

We all know the feeling. Staring at a white piece of paper is everyone’s nightmare, trying to create the perfect strategy for your business. It doesn’t come out of thin air, but our team at AlphaGraphics in Lehi, Utah, came up with five tips to start on the right foot regarding brand strategy.

Research Your Target Demographic

Like any ambitious goal, a target demographic is a must when it comes to business-to-consumer selling. Yes, it may sound great to say “everybody” is your target, but you’ll quickly learn that it doesn’t get anyone very far. Once you can narrow it down and be as specific as possible, your marketing efforts can be tailored with a strong focus in mind. Researching your audience comes with a lot more pros than cons. Though it may take time, learn your audience’s psychographics. When you know what their hobbies are, where they spend the most time, etc. you can then place your company in those specific areas.

target audience for your brand strategy | Lehi, UT | AlphaGraphicsPositioning Your Brand

To position your brand in the mind of the consumer isn’t done overnight. Getting the customer to think of your brand first, over your competitors, is a sign that you are positioning yourself just right. Finding that sweet spot starts by determining why your target audience should choose you in the first place. Then ask yourself why. Then ask yourself why again until you get to the nitty-gritty facts. The next thing to do is write a positioning statement that is logical, but aspirational to dangle a carrot in front of your team.

Build Your Marketing Toolkit

This is the part where you get technical and very thorough. If you are known for jumping the gun on certain tasks, this will help you break that habit. For your marketing kit to be the most effective, prepare it before putting any materials together. This can include a wildly helpful brainstorm session, then a good sense of direction for your marketing efforts. Once you get the ball rolling, move on to defining your target audience. If you know their likes, dislikes, and solid demographics, you now can draft a message that will speak directly to them. After configuring how your content strategy will be delivered to your target audience, build a page that offers “sales sheets” or popular video topics and case studies. Your toolkit will not only help develop your business but will initiate your focus-driven strategy.

Create a Targeted Content Strategy

In the digital world we’re living in, content is becoming more and more popular if done right. Your brand strength is driven by visibility and the reputation associated with it. Consistent messaging and brand voice are starters to get you on the right track. With simple testing in the beginning, determine how to create and distribute valuable and relevant content to attract your target demographic. This will then lead to profitable customer action.

Track, Analyze, Listen, Modify

Researching your ROI will help give you the data to understand what your customers are doing. This step is crucial when it comes to adapting your current brand strategy to improve for the better. By analyzing key metrics, you can then learn the story behind the numbers. Some see it tedious, some see it interesting. Nevertheless, it should never be skipped. Track your numbers to see the results, how many leads were generated, what platforms worked best, etc. Our team of experts at AlphaGraphics in Lehi, Utah, is trained in successful marketing and branding strategies, as well as design and print materials We want to see other businesses succeed through useful tips and tricks of the industry. Come in today to see how we can help you increase your brand identity and create a strategy that’s right for your company.

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