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Family Histories - For Memorial Day

I went Fly Fishing this morning up at the Middle Provo River and while the weather was perfect and the river beautiful, the fish weren't buying what I was selling. While standing in the middle of the river, my toes getting numb, I thought of George Young, my great, great Grandfather who moved from England and traveled to Utah as a Pioneer. Grandpa Young wrote only 13 pages of his experiences but those 13 pages give me and my family immense insight into the man he was and the struggles he went through. So I came home and thought I'd blog about family histories on this Memorial Day. Family histories are some of the most meaningful projects we work on for customers at AlphaGraphics in Lehi. People work years on their personal or family histories and seek to memorialize their experiences in a long-lasting, hand-sewn hard cover book. Some people we work with are self-disciplined writers who have no problem doing the research, sifting through thousands of photographs and spending hours in front of a  computer to produce a perfect, print-ready PDF. Others struggle to find the time or the sticktoitiveness to bring their project to a conclusion. If you are one of those people, I have good news for you. The other day I met Jessica Morgan who helps people write their stories and as an Accredited Genealogist, can even help you do the research. Here is some information about Jessica and her company:
My business is called Remember with Stories, in which I offer to write life-stories, touching family tributes, or narratives for your ancestors. It's easy to see ancestors as just names and dates, but each member of your tree had a colorful life that adds to the beauty of your own. I can take your box of documents or online tree and turn it into engaging ancestral narratives, which you can print and share with the whole family. As an Accredited Genealogist, I also offer research-time to make your ancestor's story as vivid and detailed as possible. Visit or email me at for rates and time estimates. Everyone has a story, it deserves to be told.
If you're ready to print your family history, give us a call at 801-653-2428 or email me at and we can get your project rolling. If you're still in the writing stage and would like some help pulling everything together, feel free to reach out to Jessica. Publishing your personal or family history will be one of the greatest achievements of your life and they make great Christmas gifts.

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