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Enhance Direct Mail with agMail2.0

In the digital age we live in, inboxes become cluttered and direct mail can get lost in the mix. That’s why AlphaGraphics in American Fork, Utah is proud to announce a system that levels up traditional and digital marketing---agMail2.0. Instead of sending out one traditional mailer, agMail2.0 combines your direct mail with eight enhanced technologies to create a marketing experience like never before. Reach your target audience multiple times across several platforms with coordinating and reinforcing messages. With agMail2.0, position your brand to be in front of the right customer at the right time with the right message.  The eight technologies that will improve your marketing campaigns on multiple levels, include social match, online follow up, lead match, mail tracking, informed delivery, call tracking, personalization and social follow up. Retarget your marketing message through direct mail, social, and display ads all with agMail2.0

How agMail2.0 Works

Social Match

Within the first 14 days of the 30 day campaign, agMail2.0 will automatically match your mailing list with your social media user accounts to deliver ads before your mail reaches their mailbox. This messaging in the ad will be coordinated to your direct mail message. Reach an even broader audience than your existing customer email base with social match to expand your range. 

Mail Tracking

Once you create a branded message to target to your audience, we’ll help you set up mail tracking so you know exactly when and where your mailing is delivered. Tracking the day your mailer hits the mailboxes allows time to prepare for an increase in phone volume. Use mail tracking and call tracking to enhance your direct mail campaigns | American Fork, Utah | AlphaGraphics| You can also work with your sales team to follow up with recipients according to when their mail was received.    

Social Follow Up

Social media users spend an average of four hours on various platforms each day. It makes sense to go where your target audience is and deliver a cohesive message across all your media being leveraged. After your social match is generated, you can start sending ads through Facebook and Instagram and get more eyes on your message.

Call Tracking

Because agMail2.0 allows you to track your mail and see your paid ads, this gives you time to get your team ready on the phones. With call tracking, every phone call that comes in gets recorded and remains completely proprietary. Feel confident that when your phone rings, you’ll know exactly who called as a result from your marketing campaign. You’ll be able to track how the call was handled to ensure customer satisfaction via recorded phone calls. 

Online Follow Up

We all know the importance of a quality website, but did you know that 96% of visitors leave your website without taking any action? It actually takes 8-12 “touches” for a customer to take action on a product or service they’ve seen or heard about. Retargeting the same branded content will speedUse online follow-up on your next agMail2.0 Marketing Campaign | American Fork, Utah | AlphaGraphics up the process getting you the visibility and touches you need faster. . Here’s where the rope and lasso comes into play. Whenever a prospective customer leaves your site, online ads will direct them back to your website via the entire Google network. See for yourself how retargeting can effectively position your brand as their go-to provider. 

Lead Match

The golden word everyone wants to hear is, “leads.” Let’s get more leads. With agMail2.0, you can now look at your analytics and know exactly who visited your website as a result of your marketing efforts . When you sign up for agMail2.0, you have access to your proprietary results tracking dashboard. This makes it easy to break down all your analytics and analyze how your social is doing, what is coming from your display ads, etc. Analyzing the performance of each tactic can ensure a smooth and effective marketing campaign. Qualified leads can also be identified who weren’t on your list before.


Did you know response rates improve over 100% with your client’s name in color? Customers today expect a high degree of personalization, they want you to know who they are and what they want. AG Mail 2.0 allows your customers personalized messaging, graphics, and offers to give that attention grabbing flare they’re looking for. 

Informed Delivery

Throughout the process, you and your clients will remain informed every step of the way. Your contacts get a preview of what is coming in their email directly from the USPS daily digest. AgMail2.0 makes it so your business mailer gets passed the sorting process and into your customer’s hands. Having a full color ad also provides another opportunity to get more people to your site. 

Direct Mail ROI

The first question every business owner or marketer should ask is, “Cool, but what does my ROI look like?” Let’s put this into simple terms. No more missed opportunities, missed callSee a high ROI with agMail2.0 on your next marketing campaign | American Fork, Utah | AlphaGraphics |s, or leads. Someone called but didn’t answer or leave a message? No problem, you have their contact info to qualify as a lead. Are you needing a higher response rate from your standard direct mail? Perfect your marketing message with the help of our marketing specialists. Here’s your sign that agMail2.0 has what you need and more. Turn your direct mail response into dollar signs to see heads turn and revenue exponentially grow.  

How to Get Started With agMail2.0

Level up youSuccess with agMail2.0 | American Fork, Utah | AlphaGraphicsr marketing efforts and see a strong ROI within the first few campaigns run using agMail2.0. At AlphaGraphics in American Fork, Utah, we handle any print and design work to free up more of your time. Call us today to work with our graphic designers and solution specialists to ensure a successful multi-channel marketing campaign.  [wpforms id="545" title="true"]

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