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Variable Data Printing: The Innovative Way to Personalize Mailers

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is printing that gives you the ability to make a certain part of the final product changeable. Through variable data printing, you can take a print job of a huge number of products, and make each one a little bit different.

What Capabilities Come with Variable Data Printing?

Personalized Mailer with Variable Data PrintingSo, what capabilities come with variable data printing? The most significant is the personalization of individual mailers. Many of us, if not all of us, have either received various types of mailers, or we are part of an organization that distributes mailers as a form of marketing or advertising. Variable data printing provides the capability of customizing mailers. What does it mean to customize a mailer? For starters, it means personalizing the mailer. It could be as simple as having the name and address of the individual resident. It could be a personalized message saying, “Hi, Fred. Pay attention! This message is for you.” On a more involved scale, you could advertise your veterinary clinic with a photo of a cat for cat lovers or a photo of a dog for dog lovers. The key to variable data printing is creating content that is personal and individual to grab the attention of the viewer.

Benefits of Variable Data Printing

mailers - variable data printingVariable data printing has become a significant tool in print media that is benefiting both distributors and receivers. Have you ever wondered how the process of creating and sending mailers has evolved? Think of it this way: If you wanted to create a personalized mailer unique to 10,000 different people in a target audience, you can’t possibly write that many names by hand. The only economical and efficient way to do that is by using a digital printer with variable data capabilities. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? With variable printing, you can easily customize the image or photos based on whether or not the mailer is going to a male or female, old or young, athletic or not. The possibilities are endless! We know your target audience can be pretty narrow, so variable printing is the ideal way to change photos depending on any of these demographics. Variable printing gives you the ability to change the content of your mailer in order to cater to any demographic you want. You can target different ages, genders, religious beliefs or even certain hobbies they might have. At AlphaGraphics we can help you design the most aesthetically appealing and targeted mailer possible! We all could use a little personalization in our mailers, whether we are receiving them or distributing them. We tend to hold onto things a little bit longer if it has our name on it because we can make that personal connection. From personalization to automation, at AlphaGraphics we will get the job done and give people a reason to hold onto your targeted mailer. Give us a call today at 801-426-6200 and ask how we can deliver a targeted direct mailer with variable data printing.

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