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Get Creative And Incorporate Technology Solutions into Print Marketing

Incorporating Technology Solutions Into Print Marketing

It’s everywhere you go. In your house, at the store and almost anywhere you will end up traveling. It is what has made communication more rapid and caused businesses to flourish worldwide. Technology. Every company needs exactly what it offers.

Digital Printing

There is a common myth in the business world that printing is dead, but this is definitely not the case. Due to constant changes in technology, what used to work in many businesses is now transforming to become digital. By choosing to implement digital printing, companies have been able to grow efficiency when it comes to printing costs. Digital printing is necessary for these technology solutions. That being said, printing should not be completely digitalized. Most people have issues with checking their emails right away. Last year, Marketing Tech reported that 79% of consumers are more likely to respond to direct mail while only 45% are likely to respond to emails. Your company will receive a greater response rate by wisely balancing out the usage of digital printing.

Clickable Paper

Clickable Paper - Technology

What exactly is clickable paper? It’s an interactive print solution that uses image recognition software to connect printed materials to digital content. Through clickable paper, printers and publishers can link printed content to rich media. While QR codes have only one visible link, with clickable paper, you can add up to 6 links to more than one hotspot. It also gives you the space to enable mobile devices to make phone calls, open maps, and send emails or tweets. This is why clickable paper is more productive when it comes to digital printing. It is also used by marketers to determine how they should redesign their strategies.

QR Codes

QR Codes - TechnologyWhere are QR codes being used? QR codes are mostly used in print media for smartphones or other mobile devices. reported that nearly half of all smartphone users have used their phones while shopping in brick-and-mortar stores with 40% of them comparing prices of their competition. The majority of QR code scans are from owners of iPhones. This applies to the current generation of young adults ranging from ages 25-34. Why are they so popular among young adults? QR codes are what lead users to their expected destination. They can be used for links to YouTube videos and locations on Google Maps.

Successful QR Code Campaign in 5 Steps

  1. Plan your QR code campaign strategy. If you want to have a successful campaign, you must:
    • Understand your target audience
    • Create clear objectives
    • Have useful incentives
  2. Create quality codes and test them. Before you release your codes to the public, you have to be aware of whether they are reliable and how they will work.
  3. Remember to link your codes to mobile-friendly or mobile-optimized sites. Most, if not all of your customers, will have access to a mobile device, which makes mobile-optimized QR codes all the more necessary to your code’s success. QR codes are a mobile tool which is why the links need to lead to a mobile-optimized device. This can prevent frustration among users.
  4. Track your scans through code management systems. After releasing your code, it is important to track how many times the code is being scanned as well as where demographically.
  5. Deliver a valuable and favorable experience. Your customers already have enough problems in their daily lives. Be sure that your QR code isn’t one of them.

Advantages of Technology Solutions

Solutions that combine print and technological advances. QR codes and clickable paper are innovative and necessary to truly incorporate effective technology solutions into your company. Using these 5 simple steps allows your company to have more of an advantage when it comes to technology. It will also help you to develop a more reliable experience for your target audience, which in turn, will build up your customer satisfaction. Contact us to set an appointment with one of our marketing experts to learn more about how we can incorporate technology solutions into your next campaign.

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