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Why Manufacturing and Construction Companies Need Promotional Products

Manufacturing & Construction: Promotional Products

Manufacturing and construction companies are constantly looking to expand or upgrade their client base. Promotional products are a great and inexpensive marketing tool for procuring these new clients and retaining existing ones. A small gift can go a long way in terms of client-contractor relations. Everything from pens to tools to tote bags and more can become branded promotional products for your company. If you can imagine it as a gift, AlphaGraphics can most likely provide it. Here are the reasons you need promotional products, what we can make and how you can get your designs into print.

Promotional Products Business HandshakeWhy do promotional products work?

It all comes down to the psychology of sales. You may or may not have heard of the law of reciprocity, but you have definitely experienced it. The law of reciprocity states that it is human nature to want to repay good deeds. If a colleague pays for your meal, you feel obligated to return the favor next time. People want to balance the scales. So, what does this have to do with promotional products? Giving a client a gift might not turn into an immediate sale, but it prepares them to be open to a sale. The psychological scale tips out of balance in your favor.

Promotional ProductsWhat promotional products can AlphaGraphics create?

We can provide almost any branded item! This includes the standard promotional products, such as pens, t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, water bottles, note pads and much more. But why stop there? It’s time to get creative and think unique! As a manufacturing/construction company, you can brand inexpensive tools such as tape measure or safety glasses. For higher-end clients, you can print your brand on something a little nicer, such as a bluetooth speaker, a Yeti cooler or a Yeti Tumbler. Unique products often gather more attention than standardized products. Extra bonus points if your promotional product enriches the life of the recipient by being something they can use on a daily basis. The possibilities are endless!

How do I create promotional products?

Creating a promotional product can be as simple as sending a high-quality logo file to AlphaGraphics. We also offer branding and design services if you don’t have a logo or would like to take your brand in a new direction. We have found that products with more custom designs are more successful than those with just their logo. Promotional products can also include slogans or other design elements that make your company unique from its competition. Click here to visit our online catalog of thousands of promotional products to get inspiration for your next marketing idea. Here’s the bottom line: handing out promotional products will help clients and potential clients to remember your company and see it in a favorable light. This will inevitably lead to future sales and income. And don’t forget to be creative!

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