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How to Be Creative with Business Card Marketing

You may wonder if business cards are even worth your time or money in this digital age. You may think that with email and social media promotion, your business has no need for a physical calling card. This couldn’t be further from the truth; business cards are just as viable in this digital age as they have ever been before. There are plenty of settings where having a business card at your disposal is the ultimate marketing weapon. Someone with your dream job comes by your office—hand them your card. You run into someone who may be interested in your services—hand them your card. A person sneezes at a networking event—hand them a tissue, then your card. It’s that simple. The trick is, you need to be sure your card is creative in its approach, useful for the person you’re giving it to and is memorable. It’s easy for a person to take your business card and forget it in their pocket if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, AlphaGraphics in Orem, UT knows what works and will help you make the perfect business card.

Printing & Design Business Cards | Orem, UT | AlphaGraphicsMake Business Cards Creative.

First impressions matter, as does standing out from the crowd. The look and feel of your business card can tell a person a lot about your business within the first few seconds of it being in their possession. Your card should be a concise and creative way to teach someone about yourself. AlphaGraphics offers many options for making creative business cards. Metallic foil can make parts of your design pop. Plastic or metal cards would help diversify yourself from the pile of business cards on a desk. Your card could be over-sized to make losing it in your pocket a difficult task. Whatever it takes to make your card stand out. Another way to be creative is to show people what you care about, such as saying, “Proud Supporter of Habitat for Humanity.” If people agree with you, they’re more willing to help or use your services.

Make Business Cards Useful

Business cards don’t have to just be business cards. It may be in your best interest to think outside the dimensions of the usual card. For example, you could make your card into a bookmark, so people will think of you every time they pick up their favorite book. The more someone sees your card, the more they are reminded of your services and will increase the chance of them reaching out to you. Other options could include making your card into a sticker, a pad of sticky notes, a coaster, a magnet or even a Frisbee. Another way to make your card useful, if applicable, is to offer some sort of discount for your services on your business card. This could come in the form of a QR code that directs them to a coupon, or a promo code on the back of the card. This helps increase traffic on your website

Make Business Cards MemorableCustom Modern Business Cards | Orem, UT | AlphaGraphics

Putting your face on your business card helps tie who you are to your brand. It’s not necessary, but it will help humanize your card and show people who they would be working with. Another great way to make your card memorable is to have consistent branding. This could be as simple as a logo that ties your business card to your product, or a color scheme that you use in all of your marketing tools. Like we’ve said before, first impressions matter. This is true for how your card looks and is especially true for how it is presented. You want to make sure your personal presentation is something worth mentioning. If you’re just standing on a street corner and handing out your business cards like candy, no one will look at it. If you make it personal with an actual conversation or some form of personal connection, your card will be much more effective. Request a quote or schedule your free consultation today! Request A Quote or Schedule Your Consult

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