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Specialty Business Card Options

You see them everywhere. They’re perched on shelves, propped on the counter tops of frozen yogurt shops, and in the hands of young professionals. They hold your information, and you hope they get passed along. These are, of course, your business cards. Business cards will never go out of style. There is no better way to share your contact or business information with as much class and style; a name and number on a napkin won’t cut it, and as convenient as emails are, they’re nowhere near as memorable. Business cards make sharing your information a personable experience. They leave a solid first impression to the person you give it to, and if it’s creative or impressive enough, it will be passed along. Of course, in order to be memorable or travel to different hands, your business cards need to be of high quality. You’ll need to pay attention to the style, material, and finish of your business cards. You may already have a template ready for print, but if you don’t, AlphaGraphics in Orem, UT can help you customize and craft the perfect card for your business.


There are many different styles of business cards. There’s the standard format, which would include a logo or graphic along with your contact information on one side. This gives all the information you need to share at face value. You may decide to split up the content on to the front and back of the card, making more space for both a logo and text which could make it easier to read. If you wanted to draw more attention to your card, you could design it vertically, with a fold, or with rounded corners. Another option would be to make it over-sized so no one could possibly misplace it.  


Most people just use typical card stock, which is usually quite effective but there is a whole world of materials to choose from. They can be magnetic so that people you hand them to could put it on their fridge as a constant reminder of your services. You could choose to make your cards metal or plastic to stand out and show how professional you truly are. It can be multi-layer or “sandwich style,” giving a thicker and more durable card with a pop of color on the edges.


To seal the deal and your card, you need the perfect finish. This could be as simple as adding your photo or a QR code to your website. We offer matte or glossy coats to your cards to make your designs look just right. If you want to get even fancier, foil stamp your cards to give a metallic look to your graphics or logos, or spot gloss a specific part of the card to make it stand out and shine.

Business Cards and Branding Packages

To really make an impression with your business cards, it’s best to have some form of uniformity across your business materials and create a branding package. A branding package includes things like custom stationery, letterhead, notepads and other products applicable to your brand. You can apply design concepts from your cards to all of these items. This way if someone sees your business card they can easily recognize your other products. Hopefully, it’s clear that anything is possible with business cards and overall branding for your company. AlphaGraphics in Orem, UT offers all of these options so you can create something that is just the right fit for your business, reflecting exactly what you want and leave you satisfied with a finished quality product. Request a quote or schedule your free consultation today! Request A Quote or Schedule Your Consult

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