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The Importance of Professionally Designed Business Cards

If you pass out a sticky note or napkin with your name and number scrawled in smudged pen across it, chances are it will end up in the trash. Sticky notes, napkins and scraps of paper all have their place—maybe as a bookmark or on an unorganized desk—but they don’t belong in someone’s pocket with your contact information on it. A first impression sealed with professional business cards solidifies the relationship you build after a handshake—and that won’t go in the garbage.

Business Cards That Stand Out

Business cards have the power to communicate to people who you are and what your brand represents. That communication begins your path to successful networking. By simply having a desire to help your brand stand out, you are on your way to cleaner, clearer marketing. A business card that stands out is creatively designed and is a positive reflection of what you want your brand to portray.

Professionally Designed Business Cards | Orem, UT | AlphaGraphics


While an innovative design on a business card is important for making an excellent first impression, it still comes second to relevance. A business card is all about marketing you and your business. If someone can’t tell who you are or what you represent based off your card, it will still end up with the sticky notes and napkins. So, as you begin to design your card or work with AlphaGraphics’ team of experts, remember that the business card should be all about you and your company.

Business Card Design

A professionally designed business card is important for grabbing the attention of those you are networking with and will be something they want to hold onto. Luckily, creating and printing a set of snazzy, custom business cards has never been easier. AlphaGraphics offers a vast selection of finishes, materials and styles for printing and branding. If you are unsure of your design skills, a team of expert designers is available to help you create the business card of your dreams. However, if you feel confident in the design you have, a file can simply be sent to AlphaGraphics for printing. Remember, even with all the selections available at AlphaGraphics, an effective business card should always include relevant contact information, slogans and logos. What good is a clever design if the phone number is wrong?

Building Relationships

Get Noticed With Professionally Designed Business Cards | Orem, UT | AlphaGraphics Professional business cards are ones that don’t end up in the trash. Instead, they are tacked to cork boards, taped to desks and computers and magnetized onto white boards. Meanwhile, your number gets added to their contact lists. Business cards can be treated as works of art when they are designed professionally and contain key information. What do you do when you find art you love? You share it. If you and your card impress someone, the chances of them sharing your information with their network of colleagues increases.

Networking With Business Cards

Leave A Lasting Impression With Professionally Designed And Printed Business Cards | Orem, UT | AlphaGraphicsHaving a business card is important because you never know when the opportunity for networking will strike. A professionally designed business card allows you to personally turn a quick introduction into a relationship with a potential client. Cards can also help you market your brand at events such as trade shows or conventions. Business cards enhance your person-ability because they follow-up initial contact such as a handshake, greeting or conversation. That impression is what helps the creative design and relevant material stick. Don’t settle for sticky notes, napkins or scraps of paper. Your business card should be a bold statement of who you and your brand are when marketing and building relationships. With the help of AlphaGraphics, your business card can make it to the hands of important clients and be the gateway to your success. It doesn’t take a leap of faith - just you, your brand and AlphaGraphics. Request a quote or schedule your free consultation today! Request A Quote or Schedule Your Consult

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