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Key Elements For The Perfect Banner

Details. You have to love them. Not only do we believe in the little details, but we know the impact color and font size will have on your banners. AlphaGraphics in Orem, Utah, is here to help nail down all those nit-picky elements that will catch the eye of your target audience. Bring your own banner design or see what our designers can create for you.


Let’s talk about the science behind fonts. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect font. Like everything else, you need to determine your target audience and location of the banner. This allows you to visualize how people will read it from varying distances. When printing a roadside banner, the difference between the font will be significant compared to printing a storefront banner. We recommend continuously using one, simple font to avoid confusion, but there are also alternatives. A few good, contrasting combinations of fonts you may want to look into are Sans-Serif/Serif fonts and Scripts and Decorative/Serif fonts, depending on the distance of your banner from readers.  Studies show that people react more when there is a concise message, coupled with a simplistic design. Keeping the word count at a maximum of seven words helps obtain this clean look, rather than adding clutter and confusion. Fonts with minimum color can add the right amount of contrast. Signs that are too busy with color or style can be difficult to decipher. Try adding bold, contrasting colors that complement the banner.   

Font Size

Like we’ve said, your font size depends on distance and height of your banner. A good rule of thumb is every one inch of letter height provides 10 feet of readability for the best viewing. For example, a letter height of 10 inches would provide you with the legibility up to 100 feet.   

Banner Size

Blank Banner | AlphaGraphics | Orem, Utah

Standard, horizontal outdoor vinyl banners typically range around 3x10 feet, while standard vertical outdoor vinyl banners should be around 4x10 feet, but not smaller than 4x6 feet.  In regard to indoor banners, know your space and surroundings. 

Color Choice

Have you ever walked into a building that had a blinding, bright yellow sign? You probably want to avoid that. Psychological studies show that certain colors can invoke different emotions and memories, so are you raising the right emotions in your banners? What colors trigger happiness or sadness? Bright colors such as yellow and orange are flashy and draw attention, but run the risk of being too forward or presumptuous. Blue is the most common color for banners because it’s safe and calm. Black and white are best used together if simplicity is your main goal.  Contrast between the foreground and the background is a very important element to ease readers’ engagement. A light text on a dark background or vice versa is a perfect example of how contrasting colors make words pop.  It may seem unnecessary, but we want you to get the most out of your banners with these small, but beneficial details. When it comes to creating the perfect banner, AlphaGraphics in Orem, Utah, is here to help you with all your printing needs. Request a quote now or call us at (801)-426-6200

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