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The Psychology Of Color In Your Brand

Everyone is affected by color. Certain colors evoke specific messages or feelings, and each color is associated with a specific trait or attribute. Choose the colors that send the right messages to your client base. Color is a powerful tool in making your business stand out among the rest. With AlphaGraphics in Orem, Utah, you can strategically choose the colors that enhance your marketing pieces, capture the attention of your clients, and make your business unique.

Psychology of Color

  • Black: This evokes strong emotions and is often authoritative and powerful. It can also symbolize sophistication, power, elegance, and fear. Black is used by the New York Times and Wikipedia. 
  • Red: A stimulating color that is perfect for drawing attention. It is often associated with boldness, passion, excitement, activity, youthfulness, energy and confidence. Red is used in marketing for Target and Wells Fargo. 
  • Yellow: This fun color often evokes feelings of happiness, optimism, and enlightenment. It is commonly used to provoke energy, encouragement, and determination. Yellow is used by companies like McDonalds and Sprint. 
  • Blue: When branding a business, blue is often a go-to color because it is seen as trustworthy and dependable. It can also evoke emotions that are open, modern, purposeful and symbolize concepts like perspective, content, communication, and awareness. Blue is commonly found in major businesses like Ford and Intel. 
  • Brown: As the color of the earth, brown is associated with all things natural and organic. It also encourages feelings of stability, approachability, and reliability. Brown is utilized in the advertisement for UPS and Hershey’s. 
  • Gray: The ultimate neutral, gray is often seen as sleek or refined. By using it, you can evoke intellect, knowledge, wisdom, and conservatism in your business. Apple is a dominant business that uses gray in its marketing. 
  • Green: If your goal is to evoke refreshing feelings of tranquility, green is the color for you. It is especially popular in branding because it can represent balance, growth, clarity, sanctuary, generous, nature, peacefulness and positivity. Green is used by corporate giants like BP and John Deere. 
  • Indigo: This is a unique color because it is perceived as a color of understanding that provokes personal thoughts. It can also conjure senses of calm, responsibility, wisdom and profound insights. Indigo is a common color, unsurprisingly, in the advertisement of Indigo Airlines. 
  • Orange: This color is bold in its warmth and energy. It is known for radiating optimism, spontaneity, instinct, friendliness and cheerfulness. Orange is found in marketing for Nickelodeon and Firefox. 
  • Pink:  Pink is a color of youthful excitement, similar to red but not as aggressive. It tends to evoke senses of love, respect, femininity, warmth, passion, sensitivity and a nurturing disposition. Pink is used in the marketing for T-Mobile and Lyft. 
  • Purple: This color is special because it is recognized as a royal color. It also inspires feelings of creativity and eccentricity, as well as depth, originality, individuality, wisdom, and fantasy. Businesses like Hallmark and Cadbury use purple in their advertisement. 

Picking Your ColorsColor Design | AlphaGraphics | Orem, Utah

Over time, these color schemes have become a foundational aspect of color psychology. By choosing colors that are complementary to the commonly used colors of businesses like yours, you can establish your place among them. In doing this, you can focus your marketing on the colors that evoke the foundational messages of your business and businesses like yours, creating a unity among these companies that uses the associations clients naturally make with color.   

Where to Start

At AlphaGraphics in Orem, Utah, we understand the importance of color. Our team members are here to help you decide which color scheme is best for you. By choosing the correct colors for your business, you can attract the attention of clients and evoke certain messages that keep them coming back. Call us now at (801) 426-6200, request a quote below, or come into our business center to get started with your project. [wpforms id="313" title="true"]

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