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Why We're Sticking to Paper Calendars

With a myriad of email calendar invitations, marketing campaigns, work events and a long list of to-dos, keeping up with all of our responsibilities can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of calendar apps and programs, but none of them have quite the same advantages as a classic paper calendar. At AlphaGraphics in Orem, Utah, we’ll help you stay organized by creating a personalized paper calendar. Here are five reasons why we’re sticking with paper calendars:


As much as digital calendars claim to be convenient, paper calendars are undoubtedly more efficient. Rather than meticulously creating an event, scrolling to the day and then tediously filling in all the information it requires on a paper calendar, you can just write “football game” without filling out the information you already know. Definitive dates are hard to plan, and even harder to place in a digital calendar. Many times, we need to remind ourselves to do a small task we’ve forgotten to do for ages, like “paint the fence.” On a paper calendar, you can write your reminder at the top of the month without having to put a specific day. This saves you time and simplifies your life by having all of your events and tasks in one place.

MemoryPaper Calendars | AlphaGraphics | Orem, Utah

Did you know that you remember information better when you physically write it down? Studies have shown that people who write information down have better memory recall than when they type it. You can’t rely on other people to always tell you your schedule—do yourself a favor and write your appointments down. Whether it’s your meal plan, a wedding calendar or a work schedule, paper calendars help you stay on top of your priorities.

Digital Quirks

Keeping a digital calendar increases the likelihood that errors will occur. Time zone inconsistencies may switch appointment times, shared calendars give other people the ability to accidentally change or delete your appointments, and most programs don’t allow you to schedule two events at the same time. Plus, the moment your device runs out of battery power, so does your access to your calendar. As fancy as digital calendars are, nothing quite beats the reliability of a paper calendar. 


A benefit to printing at the AlphaGraphics in Orem, Utah, is that you can customize your calendar with personal photos, color coding or inputting birthdays and special events. You have the option to print a template you designed yourself or choose to use one of ours. We even have dry-erase calendars, for when you’re just making tentative plans—do you know an app that has that? Custom calendars make great gifts and make great long-lasting mementos.  In addition to customized design, we also offer specialty print and binding options. Choose between wall, desk, or pocket calendars with several display options such as magnetized, hanging and free-standing calendars. If you need help creating the perfect design, our team of graphic designers are happy to help.

Easy and Convenient Distribution

If you work for a business or organization that wants to distribute calendars, mass printing paper calendars is one of the best ways to get your message out. Hand out your calendar at your next meeting so information about important dates don’t get lost in a cluttered inbox. Calendars are easy to mail and are a great piece of branding so that people remember your company every time they check for the date.

Order a Calendar 

Ready to get your life in order? Whether it’s for personal use or business, AlphaGraphics calendars can be customized to just how you like them. Ditch the digital calendar confusion and purchase a paper calendar. Stop by AlphaGraphics in Orem, Utah, call us at (801) 426-6200, or request a quote below to get started today! [wpforms id="313" title="true"]  

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