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Signage to Rock Your Next Trade Show

Trade show season is upon us and that means planning out the perfect event and/or booth to attract the most consumers. Promotion is at the heart of what we do, starting with proper event signage. Trade show signage is key to standing out from your competitors and being the talk of the event, starting with materials such as backdrops, canopies, table covers, floor decals, banners and banner stands.

Importance of Trade Show Signage

For trade show hosts, your event is bound to be a trainwreck if there’s no signage or indicators of which direction to walk, where the bathrooms are, and a directory of where to find specific trade show vendors. For trade show vendors, you have 2 crucial seconds for an attendee to decide where they want to spend any time at your exhibit. First impressions are crucial. Draw them in with bold graphics, simple messaging and large fonts. We’ve all seen booths that were put together on a whim with poor graphics and signage. Unimpressive booths are just asking to be skipped by bystanders. So are you doing enough? Represent your company’s image in quality graphics including an eye-opening backdrop and congruent table covers and banners.

Goal of Signage

Before investing in trade show signage, it’s important to have a goal in mind. Here are a few goals all trade show hosts and vendors should aim for – to be seen, recognized, understood, simple and clear. Your brand name or logo should be the most prominent feature on all trade show graphics. Help attendees understand your booth by telling them what you do and why it matters to them. All messaging should be clear and succinct to stand out from your competitors. You could have the perfect punch line or phrase, but it won’t mean anything if it’s bogged down by other copy or it simply can’t be read. Our professional graphic designers at AlphaGraphics in Orem can ensure your signage text, font, graphics and colors are the best choice for your brand and booth.  Remember – the goal is to capture attendees’ attention and draw them into the booth. Then you can tell them your story and pitch. This is how crucial compelling graphics and messaging can be for any trade show vendor or host. Trade show attendees typically go to shows because they’re looking to solve a problem they have.

Trade Show Hosts

To give your vendors and attendees the best trade show experience, it all starts with signage association. Success is in the details, especially when wanting your visitors to associate your displays with quality, ingenuity and professionalism. AlphaGraphics is your solution. Immediately impress your guests as they step through the door with high-class signage. Hosting an event is stressful as it is, let AlphaGraphics in Orem help design and print all your trade show materials.

Trade Show Vendors

Grab more attention than your competitors at your next trade show with the right signage. Typical trade show booths serve the main purpose, but we can help level up your game with vivid, alluring graphics to entice attendees to your booth. Spruce up your booth with banners and banner stands, table covers, branded canopies and other crucial trade show materials. See how we can help your event visuals narrate the right story while staying on brand.  We could talk about the importance of trade show signage all day long, but to truly experience the success starts with one phone call. We work with clients every day to ensure results that put them above their competitors, simply because we can create materials most businesses don’t have. Our print capabilities are unmatched, allowing trade show vendors and hosts to have the highest quality, custom floor decals, banners, canopies, and more. Call AlphaGraphics in Orem today to see how we can help you get noticed. Get business.

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