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4 Signs That Get Your Political Campaign Noticed

Politics is the heart of our judicial system, governed by the people. Whether you’re running for office or promoting a political party, signs play a critical role in making a positive first impression. Not only do signs act as communication tools for the community, but they also help build brand awareness for political supporters. Learn how signs, yard signs, site signs and banners can take your political campaign to new heights and raise awareness for the polls, all thanks to signage at AlphaGraphics in Orem.

Political Signs

We understand that competition in the industry can be cut-throat, but let us be your secret weapon. With custom made political signs, inspire voting communities to learn more about your party and inspire donor businesses to engage with crisp, professionally designed signage. We offer cost-effective solutions that are custom-made for professionals that will easily help increase your awareness. Whether you’re running for office or educating the public, the first step to sales is proper promotion. Promote today with AlphaGraphics in Orem.

Yard Signs

What screams your name better than a flashy sign in a yard or sign for all to see? In a sea of opposing parties’ yard signs, stand out with vibrant, bold and 100% tailored designs. We understand you have deadlines to meet and places to be–let us handle your promotional products so you can focus on other important things at hand. Let your outdoor signage work for you when you work with our team of graphic designers and marketing professionals.

Site Signs

The minute an election is announced, the ears of the community are peaked, waiting to hear about the running candidates and individual parties. Capitalize on the immediate attention with site signs that will engrave your name in the minds of the public. No one said your site signs have to be old and boring. Combine a QR code with your contact details and a vibrant picture to position yourself ahead of the competition. AlphaGraphics in Orem is many things, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Our sign experts can customize the perfect design to achieve your goal; whatever size, shape, material or location–we’ll be sure to make you look good.


We make it our business to provide dynamic promotional solutions that leave a lasting impression. Banners bring the focus directly to your business with high-quality material ready for any special event or street-level advertising. We help professionals create a customized design and message that will build brand awareness, incite action and get people talking. For politicians especially, now is a better time than any to act on reinventing your image and educate viewers about your campaign. Full-color custom banners provide a cost-effective medium for promoting your brand, grand openings, fundraisers, events and more. Making a big to-do is our forte. Work with our creative team to design a fitting message and choose from all types of material, color and size. Rise above your opponents and get your name heard across all running cities, all with the help of AlphaGraphics in Orem. We offer signs to fit all budgets and only use high-quality materials when creating signs for both interior and exterior use. Are you ready to start campaigning the right way? Call us today to get a free quote.

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