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The Value of Working with Nonprofit Organizations: Giving is Receiving!

Nonprofit organizations exist in all shapes and sizes, support a variety of causes and make a difference in the lives of numerous people far and wide. And while these selfless organizations strive to provide progress for whatever mission fuels them—spreading awareness, creating social change, inciting equality, etc.—it must be realized that sometimes, even the people helping other people need a little help themselves! Helping out a nonprofit isn’t always about dropping your spare change into a bucket or signing a petition—it’s about giving that organization something they can use to help further their cause: be it time, effort, money, support or something else entirely. Nonprofits often operate on what they have available to them, so making these things available in whatever capacity you can goes a long way. A small business helping hand Small businesses have a lot to offer in the way of helping nonprofit organizations—more than they realize in fact! And, truth be told, when a small business decides to lend their support to a nonprofit, the business is also helping itself. A small business has as much to gain from a partnership with a nonprofit as the organization does, although the mutual benefits come in different forms. Take a look, for example, at how both parties benefit if a local print shop donates printed materials to a fundraising event hosted by a nonprofit organization:
  • The nonprofit gets professionally printed, high quality materials at no cost, allowing them to successfully appeal to donors by projecting information in a clear, concise and appealing way. On top of this, the organization itself appears professional and well-organized, giving people peace of mind that their donation is being put to the best use possible.
  • The print shop gains credibility as a supporter of the local community and the good causes that are based within it, shedding a favorable light on the business itself. In addition, words gets out about the company’s quality products—through the nonprofit that it supported and through anyone who came into contact with the donated materials—and more people start to choose this print shop for their printing needs.
It’s amazing how much both a business and a nonprofit can benefit with absolutely no money changing hands! All it takes is a little giving for a good cause and the returns can be limitless. Picking the right cause and providing the right help It’s important to realize that, as easy as it is to give to a cause or support its mission, it’s not always as easy to figure out which cause you can and should support. Simply put: it’s impossible to lend a helping hand to everyone you meet, so it’s important to pick something you’re passionate about. Finding the right nonprofit to support starts with finding the area where you can do the most good. In our print shop example from above, it doesn’t always make sense for a sprint shop to partner with an organization that has an in-house printing department or one that can allot its own marketing budget. It does pay, however, to saddle up alongside an organization that might not have the means to get high quality printed materials without spending excess funds. It’s also very important to support an organization whose efforts are seen within your own community. Now, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t support a nationally-operating charity or nationwide nonprofit, but if you’re looking to do the most good, you should be looking locally. Find an organization that works within your community, where there’s tangible proof of their efforts—this way, you support a nonprofit and your community simultaneously! Everyone wins At the end of the day, any time, money, materials or services you donate to a local nonprofit are negligible in how they might affect your small business—the returns on these donations, however, are tremendous and lasting. Aside from being able to support a worthwhile cause, you’ll bolster your own business in many different ways, and you’ll go to sleep at night knowing you’re making a difference.

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