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  • 8/29/2014
  • admin

How to reduce your PDF file sizes

From time to time you run into a need to reduce the size of a PDF file. You may want to email a copy to an associate or send it in a blast to all of your clients, for example. In many cases you can r...

  • 12/23/2011
  • admin

RGB – just wants to have a name tag

An intro to Color Management Ever wonder why your digital photos seem somehow “less than” when printed than they did when you previewed them on your camera’s LCD screen or when you looked at them on ...

  • 10/29/2011
  • admin

Optimizing Images for Digital Output

When working with digital photographic imagery for use in digital printing you should follow the same basic rules as when preparing images for offset print. All enhancing and editing were done using ...

  • 5/15/2011
  • admin

Monitor to Paper Match

Are you tired of the prints you pick up not turning out like you expected?  You made a bright blue or green chart in PowerPoint and you are very disappointed that the printing wasn't as bright? Well,...