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Printed Vinyl Material - Which Do I Choose? The primary differences between IJ40 and IJ80

3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Film series, including IJ40 and IJ80, are widely recognized for their high quality and versatility in the graphic and signage industry. Both are used for a variety of applications, from vehicle graphics to outdoor signage. However, they are designed with different characteristics and intended uses in mind, which define their distinct differences. Here's a breakdown of the primary differences between IJ40 and IJ80:

3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Film IJ40

  • Durability: IJ40 is designed for medium-term durability. It can last several years outdoors when properly applied and maintained, making it suitable for a wide range of promotional and signage applications.
  • Adhesive Technology: It employs a pressure-activated adhesive that allows for repositioning during installation until firm pressure is applied, securing the graphic in place.
  • Applications: This film is versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor signs, including promotional graphics, public transportation advertising, and various flat surface applications.
  • Finish Options: IJ40 typically offers a variety of finish options, including gloss and matte, accommodating different aesthetic preferences and requirements.

3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Film IJ80

  • Durability: IJ80 is also designed for durability but is often engineered to meet more specialized or rigorous conditions, depending on the specific variant (e.g., IJ80C with Comply™ Adhesive Technology). The product details might vary, highlighting enhanced features for certain applications, such as vehicle wraps.
  • Adhesive Technology: Some versions of IJ80 come with advanced adhesive technologies, like 3M’s Comply™, which includes air release channels for easier, bubble-free installation. This feature is particularly beneficial for large graphics and complex curves.
  • Applications: While IJ40 is versatile, IJ80 might be specifically optimized for certain applications, such as full vehicle wraps, which require a film that can conform to complex shapes and endure environmental stressors like road debris, weather, and washing.
  • Finish Options: IJ80 may also offer various finishes, potentially including specialized options for specific applications (like high conformability for curved surfaces).

Key Differences

  • Specialization for Applications: IJ80 may offer more specialized features for specific applications, like vehicle wraps, that require higher flexibility and conformability.
  • Adhesive Technologies: The presence of advanced adhesive technologies in IJ80 variants, such as air release channels for easier installation, sets them apart from IJ40, which focuses on versatility and medium-term durability.
  • Intended Use and Durability: While both films are durable, IJ80's composition may lean towards more demanding applications, requiring films to withstand severe stretching and conform to intricate designs.

In summary, while IJ40 and IJ80 share some commonalities as part of 3M’s Controltac™ Graphic Film series, the key differences lie in their specific formulations, adhesive technologies, and intended applications. Choosing between them depends on the specific requirements of your project, including application surface, durability needs, and installation conditions.

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