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Custom calendars are still a relevant method for ensuring your business stays front and center with clients and potential customers. 

The utility of printed calendars is undeniable—many busy individuals and businesses still use wall or desk calendars as their primary daily calendars.

Custom wall and desk calendars offer year-round marketing of your business in a neat, highly-useful package. Distribute your custom calendars at trade shows and conferences. Offer them near the register at retail locations, or mail them in your multi-media marketing campaigns. However you circulate them, partner with AlphaGraphics marketing professionals for high-quality, high-value printed materials every time.



Help visitors and clients stay organized, track appointments and special events, and check dates with an attractive full-color branded calendar.


  • Choose wall, pocket, or desk formats
  • Make it personal with variable data 
  • Incorporate photos, brand messaging, and graphics
  • Create an original design or use our unique templates
  • Take advantage of our dry erase options

The great thing about promotional calendars is their multi-use appeal: by providing clients with an organizational tool they’ll use every day, you’re placing your brand messaging in a prime viewing location for an entire year. Custom calendars allow you to add in a few unobtrusive reminders about special events and incentives offered by your organization.

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  • Incorporate important brand messages and logos
  • Use variable data fields to add client names right in the calendar graphics
  • Add QR codes, PURLs, coupons, and SMS short codes
  • Choose from an array of custom, heavy-duty paper stocks and finishes



  • Hanging
  • Adhesive padding
  • Magnetic
  • Free-standing

Ready to get started creating a useful calendar marketing piece with staying power? Or, looking to create a thoughtful gift for a holiday or birthday? No matter your objectives, AlphaGraphics has the solutions.

Request a free quote today, or give us a call to get the ball rolling!


Who uses calendars anymore in this day and age?

You’d be surprised at how many people and businesses still use physical paper calendars.


For starters, they are easy to write on and you don’t have to click on an icon on your computer to get them to open. You simply hang them on your cubicle or office wall and with one quick turn of your head, you can easily see the information you need.


One eCommerce company recently offered a free giveaway of their annual calendar. They made a social media post about it and posted it to their blog. Within 1 hour, over 1,500 people had signed up to get a free copy of the annual calendar they put out.


That calendar (along with the brand name and logo of the company) will be visible in over 1,500 offices throughout America for the next 12 months.


That’s the power of marketing at work.


Calendars are relatively inexpensive to design and create. The value add of a desktop or wall calendar is immeasurable.


Ball point pens and sticky notes with company logos break and get thrown in the trashcan.

Calendars are at eye-level on an hourly basis in the cubicle and offices of the people who use them.


That’s what makes calendars such a powerful marketing tool.


What are some good calendar ideas?


Just to name a few:

- Parody calendars that offer some form of joke or other similar amusement

- Animal calendars

- Scenery calendars (office workers love a scenery calendar….really brightens up the drab cubicle)

- Informative calendars


The main idea you want to keep in mind when creating a calendar is that you need to create a form of suspense.  Most people look forward to the 31st of each month, because when they come into the office the next day, they get to turn the calendar and look at the next picture/graphic for the next month.


Another good thing about calendars is that there are many options to choose from in this day and age. Long gone are the boring paper calendars from the gas-station days. Nowadays you can choose from magnetic boards, hanging calendars, adhesive padding and even free standing ones.


You could even give a few calendars to your sales reps and have them distribute them when on in-person sales calls. This way your company and brand name will always be in plain view of your customers and clients.


Contact us today at (650) 962-8083 or email us at to learn more about the wide range of calendar design and printing options that we offer to help your business grow!

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