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Nobody enjoys filling out paperwork. However, when it comes to impressing clients, nothing says “professional” like well-structured, branded forms.

Is your business presenting an expert image on all fronts? If not, we can help! Whether you need carbonless forms, simple single-sheet black and white documents, or printer-fed NCR sheets, AlphaGraphics can outfit you with all of the essentials to efficiently serve your clients.

Our team understands that professional business forms relay a sense of order and reliability to your clients and customers, as well as enabling seamless day-to-day operations.


  • Order forms and contracts
  • Statements and invoices
  • Receipts
  • Employment and HR documents
  • Tax documents and checks
  • Prescription pads
  • Inventory and manufacturing forms
  • Carbonless forms
  • Booklets for logbooks


We can also customize your business forms with perforated edges or sequential numbers to further simplify your processes.

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Consult with our design team to determine the best format for your business forms. Design your own forms, work closely with us, or use agOnline for on-demand printing by ordering what you need.


  • Forms, contracts, statements, and invoices
  • Personnel and HR documents, leases, tax documents, checklists, and checks
  • Inventory and manufacturing, prescription pads, and more
  • Single page, carbon, or carbonless papers
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Not sure what forms are right for your business, or in need of design help? Whether you want assistance with sizing and layout, or simply need to print existing designs, our friendly team members will find the right solution for your business. Contact us today to get started!


As simple as “forms” sound, they are a key indicator of how your business is perceived. If you are currently using standard forms that you have downloaded off the internet and printed out on your office printer, there’s a good chance you’re giving off the wrong impression to your customers and clients.


There’s also a good chance that the one-size-fits-all form you downloaded off the internet really doesn’t “fit all”. There may be fields missing, or the form doesn’t quite print right on the office printer. The end result is a sloppy and haphazard looking document which will reflect negatively upon your business.


AlphaGraphics in Mountain View has been helping the local business community for well over 20 years. We know what makes good form and can help you with all your form needs.


The best part about working with AlphaGraphics is our easy to use agOnline ordering system. It allows you (or someone in your office that you designate) to quickly and easily reorder the same forms so you don’t have to waste time on the phone or sending someone down to place an order in person. We can even ship the forms direct to your office.


Statements and invoices are just two of many form options you can choose from.  An invoice is also a reflection of your business and it’s the one thing that your customer will save and see.


Doesn’t it make sense to have a custom statements or invoices (with your brand/logo) printed up for you to distribute to your clients or customers? If you’re using standard statement or invoice forms that you can buy at any office supply store, you’re missing out on a perfect branding opportunity.


Employment and HR documents are two other forms that you should not go generic on. You want your new (and current) employees to feel a sense of congruency when they interact with HR. There is nothing more cold and impersonal than a non-branded HR document sent to your employees.


Order forms and contracts should also not be overlooked. Does your legal department require special language on your contracts? Are your employees having to write that language in every time a contract is created? Why leave it to chance? AlphaGraphics can help design the perfect contract and order form.


Inventory and manufacturing forms should also be customized. Many manufacturing companies are using stock forms and they have to customize them by writing in new fields. Let AlphaGraphics design your forms with the required fields so that the warehouse workers don’t accidentally forget to add the required fields.


Contact us today at (650) 962-8083 or email us at to learn more form design and printing services that we offer to support your business.


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