Trade Shows

When you attend a trade show, your booth, signage and printed materials represent your brand. They should grab visitors’ attention and make them want to know more.

Make your booth the talk of the expo with custom trade show materials.

Are your current displays drawing qualified leads to achieve your revenue goals?

AlphaGraphics can help! Our team of marketing professionals can help you develop a strategy that ensures all of your marketing materials present one effective, cohesive message.

Don't settle for a plain trade show booth

Vivid, alluring graphics draw conclusions in viewers’ minds. AlphaGraphics can help your event visuals narrate the right story.

When you attend a trade show, your booth, signage, and printed materials represent your brand. Each visual cue should operate cohesively toward one goal - intriguing visitors enough that they want to know more. Are your current graphics drawing qualified leads to achieve your revenue goals?

We've got you covered

We offer everything to surpass your trade show objectives!

To improve customer interaction and response rates (and make sure the right demographic attends your show), we recommend sending targeted pre-event communications.

Our trade show material options include:

  • Eye-catching signs and promotional banners
  • Professional displays, booths and table covers
  • Custom printed apparel and giveaway items
  • Big, bold signage suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Counter cards and name badges
  • Order forms
  • Catalogs, brochures, and manuals
  • Supplemental materials like CDs or DVDs
  • Direct mail and multi-channel campaigns

Some integrated marketing material features include:

  • QR codes
  • Personalized URLs
  • Personalized campaigns

Five tips to rock your trade show

Select a theme. Choose something memorable that relates to your company or sales pitch.

Use special effects and audio/video. Go all out—play a relevant soundtrack, use lighting to highlight key elements, and consider adding a video kit to your display.

Two words… Free stuff. Stock up on logoed promotional items to hand out. Nothing attracts visitors like a free pen, flashlight or backpack.

Try raffles. Include a raffle ticket or a chance to win a high-value incentive in the press kit and pre-show marketing for your event.

Set measurable objectives. Worried that it’s not worth the investment? Send targeted marketing to qualified leads pre-event, and track metrics so you can quantify success after the event.

Trade Show Marketing Dos and Don'ts

Are you trying to create your trade show promotion and marketing campaigns? Click here for the most important dos and don'ts of trade show marketing.

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  • What should I consider when designing trade show graphics and signage?
    When designing trade show graphics and signage, it's important to prioritize readability, impactful visuals, and clear messaging. Use eye-catching colors, bold fonts, and concise copy that effectively communicates your brand and key value propositions.
  • How far in advance should I start planning for my trade show materials?
    It's recommended to start planning for trade show materials at least 1-3 months in advance to ensure ample time for booth design, marketing collateral preparation, and promotional campaign development.
  • How can your team of marketing professionals help with my trade show strategy?
    Our marketing professionals can assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy that ensures all your trade show marketing materials convey a cohesive and effective message, maximizing your impact at the event.
  • What trade show materials do you offer?
    We offer a range of trade show materials, including eye-catching signs, promotional banners, professional displays, booths, table covers, custom printed apparel, giveaway items, counter cards, name badges, order forms, catalogs, brochures, manuals, supplemental materials like CDs or DVDs, and more.
  • How can I get started with AlphaGraphics for my trade show marketing needs?
    Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to our team, and we'll schedule a consultation to discuss your trade show goals and requirements. From there, we'll work together to develop a customized strategy and execute it seamlessly.
  • What benefits can I expect from working with AlphaGraphics for my trade show marketing?
    By partnering with AlphaGraphics, you can expect professional guidance, high-quality materials, streamlined processes, and measurable results. Our comprehensive services allow you to focus on your business while we handle the details of your trade show marketing.
  • Can you assist with direct mail and multi-channel campaigns for trade shows?
    Certainly! We have expertise in direct mail and multi-channel marketing campaigns. Whether it's personalized mailers, email marketing, or digital advertising, we can create integrated campaigns that enhance your trade show presence and drive engagement.
  • Do you provide tracking and analysis of trade show response rates?
    Yes, we can help you track and analyze the response rates of your trade show materials and campaigns. This data provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and helps measure the ROI of your event.
  • Can you help with packaging and shipping of my trade show materials?
    Absolutely! We offer packaging and shipping services to ensure your trade show materials reach the event on time and in excellent condition. Our expertise in logistics ensures a smooth and hassle-free process for you.
  • How do you ensure my trade show materials convey a cohesive message?
    We work closely with you to understand your brand identity and marketing objectives. Our team ensures that all your trade show materials are designed and produced with consistency, aligning with your brand guidelines and conveying a cohesive message.
  • Can you handle the printing and production of my trade show materials?
    Yes, we can handle all the printing and production of your trade show materials. Our experienced team ensures high-quality printing and attention to detail, delivering professional results that align with your brand.
  • How can AlphaGraphics help with my trade show?
    AlphaGraphics can amplify your trade show presence by managing various aspects of the process. We can assist with planning, designing, printing, packaging, shipping, and even tracking and analyzing response rates. Our goal is to streamline the process for you and provide a measurable return on investment (ROI).
  • Do you offer integrated marketing material features?
    Yes, we can incorporate integrated marketing features into your trade show materials, such as QR codes, personalized URLs, and personalized campaigns. These features enhance engagement and provide measurable insights into your marketing efforts.
  • Can you provide big, bold signage suitable for indoor and outdoor use?
    Yes, we offer large, attention-grabbing signage that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor trade show environments. Our signage options are designed to make a bold impact and attract attendees to your booth.

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