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Training Manuals that make you look like a PRO!

Training Manuals
Maximize participants’ learning with a professionally printed and bound 
training manuals

You’ve planned your presentation. You’ve got the PowerPoint. The video is being edited as we speak. Now, give your participants something to follow along, so they’ll leave your session ready to put into action what they’ve learned.   Everyone learns differently, and some of us need all five senses to engage our learning capabilities. The developmental psychology and professor Howard Gardner calls this concept “multiple intelligences” and identifies eight unique types. Our particular intelligence informs how we learn: visually, aurally, or kinesthetically.   A well-designed training manual can be the glue that ties together all of our senses in service of better learning. Kinesthetic learners—who learn by doing—can retain more information with a training manual than they might if they were just seeing and hearing. Visual learners have an opportunity to write down thoughts alongside the curriculum they’re learning. Aural learners—who learn by hearing—can also use training manuals to reinforce learning.  

Training manuals provide a resource for later reference

Training manuals can give participants a space to record things they want to Google later, a way to remember some key point, refresh a memory, or even just to remain present. Your training manual is also a valuable reference after the session, or perhaps to review with colleagues or others who couldn’t attend.  

Planning considerations for training manuals

When you are deciding on the type of manual you want to print, consider both how you will want the manual used during the training, and how you will want it referenced after the training.   Answers to the following questions can help you decide on training manual design, materials, and printing considerations.

  • Will participants be using the manual for multiple sessions?
  • Do they need to carry it back and forth?
  • How durable does your training manual need to be: one-time or lasting use?
  • Will your training manual serve as a reference or for future training when participants return to work?
  • Do they need to be able to share it later with their team?
  • Do you need to include laminated reference materials?
  • Will you want a pocket for a business card, etc.?
  • Are the contents of your training manual on-brand—with your logo and primary colors? Or do you need professional design services?
  • Will the manual be something you collect from participants and use in your future sessions?

Training manuals, training tools, and other printed materials

Ensure you provide the best training session—and training manual—you can. AlphaGraphics Wood Dale is proud to be your premier source for quality service, competitive pricing, and expert results for all your training manual needs. We can create any material you need and are ready to help with lightning-fast turnaround times, on-site graphic design expertise, flexible order quantities, and other options to meet your needs. We can also assist with any other training tools you need, such as stand up displaysbanners or additional printed materials.

As your partner, AlphaGraphics Wood Dale is proud to provide simple, effective and timely design and printing services. We provide great choices at great prices, no matter your industry. A free quote is just a click away. Or give us a call at 630-595-6800. You can also view all of our services online or drop by our store to talk about your marketing needs, budget, and planning. We are conveniently located in Georgetown Square in Wood Dale.

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