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Did You Know There’s a Manual for That?

We print a whole lot of manuals

Employee handbooks, class and workshop materials, onboarding and training manuals, presentation guides and much more. Always on the lookout for the creative or remarkable, we recently came across three that fall under the category “Did you know there’s a manual for that?”  

  1. Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit one cup at a time. In May, Starbucks shut down 8,000 locations for a same-day nationwide training of 175,000 employees on racial bias in response to an April incident at a Philadelphia location. Through a video, training manual and materials, Starbucks introduced the concept of being ‘color brave’ to help employees be more aware of bias and the history of prejudice in public places.The intent was to renew Starbucks as a place where all feel welcome. Training also educated baristas on how to determine when and if a customer was truly being disruptive and how to address situations in human-to-human terms.

  2. Toilet training for cats. From the human spirit to cats: we can think of no better example to show the breadth of training manuals in the world. We’re not pulling your leg. Jazz icon Charles Mingus actually did write a manual explaining how to toilet train a cat. He published it and would routinely hawk it at his gigs. (Wondering how to train your cat? We’ll give you a hint: success requires patience and the very slow transition of litter box to toilet.)
  1. Emergency preparedness for museums. If museums house some of humankind’s greatest treasures, isn’t it important to be prepared in case of emergency? This emergency preparedness guide from the Getty walks museum managers and crisis consultants through preparing for a range of disasters, natural and manmade.

What kind of training manual will you contribute to the world?

Once you’ve decided on the subject, we can assist with:
  • Design and development
  • Online ordering, customization and distribution
  • Professional binding
  • E-publications
  • Large-format diagrams
  • Bonus items, including online content or CD/DVD-based study materials
  • Enhanced features such as custom tabs
As your partner, AlphaGraphics in Wood Dale is proud to support you with design and printing for your custom training manuals. With marketing, signage and graphics expertise, we offer a valuable partnership at great prices. A free quote is just a click away. Or give us a call at 630-595-6800. You can also view all of our services online or drop by our store to talk about your marketing and graphic design needs, budget, and planning. We are conveniently located at 165 Hansen Court, Suite 111 in Wood Dale.

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