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Portable Banners & Branding Options with Permanent Results


Is 2019 going to be a banner year for you?

It could be when you invest in high-quality, high-impact portable branding for your upcoming trade shows and events. When you have only seconds to command attention, the stakes are high. Large-format, high-impact banners, banner stands, and pop-up banners can provide the ‘pop’ you’re looking for when time is of the essence:
  • On the trade show or convention floor
  • At a presentation, speaker, or industry event
  • At on-campus recruitment events
  • For special events in your space
  • To entice passersby into your retail space

Just as important as where you’ll use your banners is what you’ll use them to say.

For maximum impact, you should keep four things in mind when creating brand advertising that works: #1. Know and understand your customer. Who are your products for? Be sure you understand your ideal customer, so that you can appeal directly to him or her to compel action. Understand what he or she needs to solve and how what you offer is uniquely suited. #2. Talk TO your customers. No one likes to be talked at. Talk TO your customers. Where appropriate, thought-provoking questions, jokes or puns can make powerful connections. A tagline or slogan is also effective.   #3. Be smart about space.   An attention-grabbing banner is going to make impact through color, images and words. Less is more. Limit copy and think in headlines. #4. Be consistent. Your marketing and advertising should be consistent. Create guidelines: use the same logo, colors and fonts and consistent images so that your customers can begin to recognize your brand visually.  

With these key points in mind, you’ll want to select an option that works for your event and space.

You’ll also want something that’s pack-able and travels easily. Limited wall space at your event? No problem. We offer:
  • Portable, retractable banners and banner-ups
  • Portable stand-up and pop-up banners
  • Banner stands—if you have or are producing your own
  • Grommets and reinforcements for hanging
We can help you choose the right option for your event. All banners are made with durable, high-quality material made to last event after event and season after season—even if you’re displaying your banners outside. As your partner, AlphaGraphics in Wood Dale is proud to deliver custom banners for your trade show, event and other marketing needs. With marketing, signage and graphics expertise, we offer a valuable partnership at great prices. A free quote is just a click away. Or give us a call at 630-595-6800. You can also view all of our services online or drop by our store to talk about your marketing and graphic design needs, budget, and planning. We are conveniently located at 165 Hansen Court, Suite 111 in Wood Dale.

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