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Happy Anniversary AlphaGraphics in Wood Dale!

22 Years

Celebrating 22 Years in Business on June 22

The year was 1998. Titanic becomes the highest-grossing film of all time and 76 million people tune in to watch the final episode of Seinfeld. The crew of the space shuttle Endeavour connects the first two modules of the International Space Station. The Chicago Bulls defeat the Utah Jazz for the NBA Championship title. The phrase “the World Wide Web” has just become a household phrase. And AlphaGraphics Wood Dale opens its doors on June 22.

This makes June 22, 2020, AlphaGraphics Wood Dale’s 22nd anniversary, its golden birthday.

Over the last 22 years, owner and operator Jeff Bittner has built a team of the best and brightest in the print and web industry. He’s also sustained the growing AlphaGraphics Wood Dale business through transformative changes to marketing and communication in today’s business environment. Consider what marketing was like then:
  • In 1998, URLs were just beginning to be included in print advertisements. Today, digital ads linked to sites and landing pages are standard marketing practice.
  • In a March 1998 article, Harvard Business Review predicted the Internet would allow businesses to build interactive relationships with customers but established brands would have to embrace a paradigm shift (startups like, the article said, would find doing so easier).
  • Print marketing, signage, the Yellow Pages and other tangible marketing tactics still represented a large portion of marketing spend.
Today, marketing is much more digital, print marketing is integrated into digital strategy, and brands and businesses of all sizes build direct relationships with customers through an array of channels. Through this period of enormous industry change over two decades, the AlphaGraphics team has provided outstanding customer service, jumping through hoops to solve problems and meet demanding deadlines for customers across industries.  

For Jeff and the team, 22 years of success has been about seeing what customers need most—and delivering on it quickly.

For instance, as businesses reopen and need to put health and safety measures in place, AlphaGraphics Wood Dale has been ready with custom floor decals, curbside pickup signage and other tools to promote minimal interaction and social distancing. On the more celebratory side, the team has produced signs of congratulations for this year’s graduates or encouragement and support for front line healthcare and essential workers. All this has happened alongside other print, design, signage and marketing needs, delivered every day to customers throughout the area. This kind of ingenuity and responsiveness is second nature for Jeff and his team—today and over the last 22 years. It’s how, as Jeff puts it, the business has been turning first-time customers in “loyal, raving fans” since 1998. “For all of your paper needs and beyond, always go to AlphaGraphics in Wood Dale and ask for Jeff Bittner,” a long-time client shared recently on AlphaGraphics Wood Dale’s Facebook. “He’s a one-of-a-kind with exceptional service, great quality work—and always goes above and beyond. This is the place I will say over and over is a must go-to. It’s so easy to be taken care of here and with a smile.”

Here’s wishing a happy 22nd anniversary to AlphaGraphics Wood Dale and the team.

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