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Marketing Re-imagined


Preparing for a New Normal in Business

“Change is the only constant in life,” is a famous saying from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. He may have been born more than 2,500 years ago, but his insight is as true today as it was then. Now, this article isn’t about Greek philosophy. It’s about print services and marketing materials, but here’s the point. Before our pandemic era, advertising executives and marketing pundits predicted the end of the era of direct mail, brochures, and other printed marketing materials. Then our lives went virtual—for the last two years. Now, as the business world is coming back together, direct mail, manuals, and brochures are also making a comeback. In fact, the global direct mail market is expected to grow by 1.5% this year (not a huge leap, but growth is growth). The global print market is also growing—it will top $821 billion this year, and digital printing will account for nearly 20% of the total thanks to economics, fast turnarounds, and the ability to customize.  

The print marketing comeback

Why this kind of growth, when so much of our lives is digital? There are a few reasons. First, about those devices: screen time jumped by 76% during the pandemic as what we do online shifted radically. After two years of this, screen fatigue is high, so there’s a novelty factor in holding a brochure or catalog and flipping through it. Second, we’re a captive audience. With so many of us working from home and limiting our social lives, it’s easy to see how the daily trip to the mailbox can have an appeal. Finally, in a digital-first world, a printed piece has staying power. It can travel with you, be passed to colleagues, and help keep the business front of mind until you’re ready to make a purchase. This has value over the fleeting impression of a digital banner ad. So, with the comeback underway, are your marketing materials ready for the next normal? If so, we’re here to help with digital color printing for banners, brochures, posters, business cards, and much more.  

Why digital printing? It offers many benefits including:

  • Cost-effective printing for high-quality jobs
  • Fast turnaround
  • Availability of digital proof
  • Easy corrections
  • Options for customization and variability within a job
What do you need as the business world comes back together? We can help with: Brochures and booklets. Promote your business, services, or products in full color with multi-page brochures and booklets in full color. We can help with design as well as printing. Banners and booth materials. Headed back to a convention or trade show? Make sure your set up is fresh—and helps you stand out. We can help with quality print services and even recommend what you need, from table tents to full-solution designs. Business cards. Does everyone on the team have an up-to-date business card? Chances are that it’s time for an update. We also offer extras, including distinctive shapes and sizes with our business card printing services. It’s easy to order, customize, and distribute with our online portal. We also offer printing services for presentation folders, posters, sales sheets, manuals and catalogs, flyers, custom print jobs, and so much more. We can even help you with design for your PowerPoint presentations and sales decks. No matter where 2022 takes you, be confident that your marketing is ready. Learn more about our print services. At AlphaGraphics Wood Dale, we provide great choices at great prices. Remember, a free quote is just a click away. Or give us a call at 630-595-6800. We are conveniently located at 165 Hansen Court, Suite 111 in Wood Dale.

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