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Creative Print Marketing Ideas

Print Marketing

6 Ideas to Make Your Print Marketing Pop

Have you noticed how busy people are these days? It’s hard to get noticed and even harder to break through the skepticism barrier to engage prospective customers.

 Print marketing can help. Yes, really—even when so much marketing is digital-first.

 Why? First, digital marketing brings its own pitfalls. It’s easy for your audience to become overwhelmed with online ads, emails, social media marketing, and more. Print marketing can stand out when digital doesn’t. According to recent research:

  • Print is the most trusted channel: 82% of consumers trust print ads when making a purchase decision.
  • It has multigenerational appeal: 92% of consumers aged 18 to 23 say it’s easier to read print than digital content.
  • It has staying power: 77% of consumers say print marketing drives higher levels of recall.


Integrate digital and print marketing

What’s the best way to supercharge your marketing success? Integrate your digital and print marketing, and you could see response rates surge by as much as 400%. It’s possible when you use both channels to maximum effect to engage prospective customers and nurture them toward a sale.

Not only is print marketing highly effective, it’s also exciting. There’s nothing like holding a brochure or browsing a catalog—it’s an experience that cannot be fully replicated online. And, after more than two years of virtual this and digital that, print marketing feels fresh again.


Creative print marketing ideas

Now that you know why print marketing matters, let’s look at creative ideas to make your print marketing pop. Remember, we’re looking to attract attention, engage prospective customers, and make a lasting impression that ultimately moves them toward a purchase.

Here are six on-trend ways to help your print marketing stand out:

#1. Use a QR code

QR codes are here to stay. Include one in your print marketing as part of the call to action—and direct your prospect to your website or a landing page about your event, product, or service. QR codes are a great way to integrate your digital and print marketing, too.


#2. Incorporate texture

Want to really grab attention? Go beyond basic paper stock and use textured, layered, or coated materials. Advancements in print technology enable printing on many different types of materials, opening the door to a wide range of possibilities for your print marketing.


#3. Play with shapes

Think outside the rectangle for print marketing. Die-cut and custom shapes can help your marketing materials stand out. This can include business cards, where a non-traditional shape or even rounded corners can make a memorable first impression.


#4. Influence with color

Be sure to use on-brand colors in your print marketing design for consistency. Beyond this, though, the colors in images and the design can invoke mood and create an emotional state. Cool colors like blues and grays are soothing, while warm colors like red, orange, and yellow create excitement. Greens often signal sustainability or eco-consciousness. Understand what you’d like your customers to feel and be sure the design uses colors that inspire it.


#5. Include your social media icons

Another way to integrate your print and digital marketing is to include your social media icons and hashtags on your printed materials. Use them to drive engagement and spotlight your content—and be sure to post content that reinforces your print marketing.


#6. Use infographics

Have something complicated to communicate? Want to persuade your prospect? Infographics can help do the job, giving statistics and data visual appeal. Infographics can also be a way to tie together your digital and print marketing when you include them in both channels.


Print marketing should be an integral part of your strategy, but it can be challenging to know where to start. The team at AlphaGraphics Wood Dale can help, including with design and printing. Learn more about our custom print solutions or request a free quote. Or give us a call at 630-595-6800. We are conveniently located at 165 Hansen Court, Suite 111 in Wood Dale. 

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