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Quality Printing in Business

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The Importance of Quality Printing in Business 

Even if your mother told you to “never judge a book by its cover,” the truth is that we usually do exactly that. The same is true for your business when it comes to printed marketing materials. Because you only have a moment to capture attention, you want to make the best first impression on a potential new customer.

High-quality printed marketing materials can make all the difference in landing a new customer or making a sale. You work hard in your business to provide quality products and services, and your marketing materials should reflect that high standard. Here’s why investing in high-quality printing matters to your business, and what to look for in evaluating quality printing.


Why quality printing matters to your business

Studies show that you have just four seconds to make a good first impression. And it counts: data also shows that it can take up to eight positive interactions to undo the impression left by a negative one. Rarely will any of us get that many chances to reestablish our credibility and gain a customer’s trust. Better to start off on the right foot to begin with!

Let’s see how this plays out with examples. Imagine a potential customer walks up to your booth at a convention, or perhaps they are given a brochure by a friend recommending you. This is your chance to make that first impression and begin the relationship. What do you want the customer to know immediately about your business? And how can you quickly convey the quality and excellent experience they will have by doing business with you?

This is why you need high-quality printed marketing materials. High-quality printed materials will accurately reflect your standards and passion for your customers. Quality printed materials can help you:  

  • Capture your potential customer’s interest
  • Convey your value
  • Answer their questions in a clear and readable format
  • Show your attention to detail and commitment to a great customer experience


How to ensure quality printing for your marketing materials

By now, it’s clear that when you have just a few seconds, every moment counts—and quality communicates value.  But when you’re investing in printed materials, how do you tell the difference between economy and quality printing? Here is what to look for to evaluate quality printed marketing materials for your business:

  • Consistent and correct ink colors. Matching the color specifications for your brand and company colors is incredibly important, especially because not all of your materials will be printed at the same time. You want to choose a printer who can match previous batches of printed materials or work with your specified PMS or CMYK colors to maintain a consistent look for your brand.
  • Proper paper selection. A quality printer will know how to guide your paper selection. Variables like ink saturation, whether materials will be handed out or mailed, and many other factors all influence what stock and quality of paper your materials should be printed on.
  • Crisp, legible text. Many printed marketing materials—such as business cards—require small, fine text. In order for this text to be clear and legible, it must be printed crisply. A high-quality printer will print your text at a higher resolution of DPI (dots per inch). This ensures your text is always crisp, which will improve your customer’s experience from the get-go.
  • High-quality photo and image printing. If yours is like most businesses, your marketing materials include images such as your logo, photos, infographics, and more. High-quality printed materials will have crisp, clear images without fuzziness or inconsistent quality from piece to piece.

Making a good first impression is vital to helping your business attract and retain new customers or connect in a crowded or competitive market. Quality printed materials represent you well, and they can mean the difference between building trust and making a sale or falling short and losing a potential customer. Knowing what to look for in printed materials can ensure you make a good investment in only high-quality marketing materials that will help you grow your business.

Need help procuring high quality print materials for your business? We’re here for you. At AlphaGraphics Wood Dale, we provide great choices at great prices. Remember, a free quote is just a click away. Or give us a call at 630-595-6800. We are conveniently located at 165 Hansen Court, Suite 111 in Wood Dale. 

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