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Make Marketing Easier with Our agOnline Web-to-Print Portal

Most business owners want high-quality printed materialsbut dread the time and effort to
create, customize or reorder them. It’s important, though, because even in the digital age,
printed materials remain essential to successful marketing.

Looking for a way to make ordering printed materials easier than ever? Then it’s time to take a
look at web-to-print platforms, including our very own
agOnline Web-to-Print portal.

What is a web-to-print portal?

Simply put, web-to-print is a technology that makes online print services available via the
Internet. Customers can log in to create, order, manage, and adjust marketing materials they
would like to print. In the printing industry, this technology is also known as W2P, Web2Print,
remote publishing, or print e-commerce. Web-to-print portals like agOnline have an easy-to-
use and responsive interface that resembles a desktop software application.

Benefits of a web-to-print portal

Certain web-to-print portals, like agOnline, are built and customized for your business. The
benefits of using an all-in-one tool like agOnline to support your business include:

    Centralized convenience with access to all your print and marketing materials in one
      online location.

   • Cost savings with small or large quantities at your predetermined rate.

   • Simplified purchasing that reduces the back-and-forth of typical design, review, and
      ordering processesso you or your staff can be more productive.

   • On-demand ordering for what you need when you need it, with fast, direct shipping.

   • More effective marketing campaigns with the ability to easily develop and order
      customized materials.

   • Easy design by uploading your files or using agOnline’s document builder to create
      marketing materials customized for your business, event, or needs.

agOnline also includes controls so you can set permissions and spending limits, especially
convenient when delegating to staff. Imagine the convenience of allowing employees to get the
materials they need, when they need them with access to files, templates, and pre-set spending
controls within the platform itself. In addition, when using a web-to-print portal like agOnline,
users also have access to information on past orders for new orders, budgeting, and more.

Order anytime, anywhere with agOnline web-to-print portal

Web-to-print portals like agOnline offer anytime, anywhere access to ordering marketing
materials and branded printed materials. Users can log on from any device to the web-based
portal to review and approve orders. Or you can use branded templates to customize marketing
materials for a specific need. Order the quantity you need with fast shipping directly to you.
With agOnline, you can review and approve orders while traveling or when staff are working
remotely. Order ahead for an event like a trade show or industry conference, and materials can
be delivered directly to the site.

What you can order with web-to-print platforms

When it comes to ordering with web-to-print platforms, the sky’s the limit! Many agOnline
users order marketing products like:

Brochures and Booklets
Branded Stationery, Letterhead and Envelopes
Business Cards
Flyers and Newsletters
Labels, Stickers and Decals
Manuals and Catalogs
Presentation Folders
   • Reports and more

Not all web-to-print platforms are created equal. For the most consistent, high-quality printed
materials, look for solutions like agOnline, which is backed by the proven experience of the
AlphaGraphics Wood Dale team. We can help with expert guidance on design, paper stock,
quantity, and other questions that you might have about your marketing materials.

AlphaGraphics Wood Dale is proud to be recognized as the 2022 Regional Center of the Year,
Great Lakes for the best-run business in the Great Lakes Regionawarded by the entire
AlphaGraphics network. We want to thank our amazing community for supporting our
businessyou continually inspire us to be our best.

Get started with agOnline Web-to-Print portal

Ready to get started with agOnlineand making your marketing easier? We’re here to help.Learn more and when you’re ready, send us a file to get a quote or call us for more information
on your project. Need more help? Learn more about our
print services. At AlphaGraphics Wood
Dale, we provide great choices at great prices. Remember, a free
quote is just a click away. Or
give us a call at 630-595-6800. We are conveniently located at 165 Hansen Court, Suite 111 in
Wood Dale

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