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How to Develop and Implement a Successful Large Format Printing Strategy

A person walking past a large format printed poster on a business wall

Large format printing is a great way for businesses to get their message out to potential customers. It’s cost-effective and can be used to create attractive and eye-catching visuals that will draw attention to a business in a busy marketplace. However, developing and implementing a successful large format printing strategy requires careful planning and a clear understanding of target audiences, the types of materials that should be printed, and how to maximize the impact of the printed materials.

Here at AlphaGraphics Concord, our print and digital marketers have years of experience helping local businesses craft custom marketing and advertising plans to help them meet their business growth goals. From signs and retractable banners to posters and wall graphics, we're here to ensure you have the best large format printing for your needs. Below are some tips for developing and implementing a successful large format printing strategy. Contact us today!

A black and white poster of a girl inside a business

Understand Your Key Audience

Before you start creating your large format printing strategy, you need to understand your target audience: Who are they? What do they respond to? What messages do they want to hear? Knowing these things will help you create the right materials and tailor your message to the right people. If you are lost as to where to begin, no worries. AlphaGraphics Concord offers professional advice when you need it the most. Learn more today.

A red banner on a building

Consider the Types of Materials

Large format printing can be used to create a variety of materials, such as mesh or vinyl, and come in different mediums, including posters, banners, brochures, flyers, and more. You should consider the types of materials and mediums that are most likely to make an impact on your target audience, and then speak to your custom print shop about your printing options today.

A poster for an art exhibit on a sign board on the street

Optimize Your Design

Design is an important part of any large format printing strategy. Make sure you optimize your design for the type of material you’re printing, including ensuring that text and images are clear and legible. It’s also important to use colors and fonts that will draw attention and evoke emotion. Staying true to branding is super important in this day and age. Let our print and digital marketers help you craft unique large format printing marketing materials that captures people's attention and promotes your brand. Call today.

Large images displayed inside a business storefront

Choose Only High-Quality Materials

High-quality materials matter when it comes to large format printing. The better the material you use, the longer your materials will last and the more likely they’ll make an impact on your target audience. Consider the type of material you’re printing on and the placement of the large format printing project (whether inside or outside), as well as the type of ink and printing technique that will be used. Speak to our print marketing experts for advice today.

A sign board in the middle of the sidewalk advertising oat milk

Focus on Distribution

Once you have your large format materials printed, you need to focus on getting them in front of your target audience. If you’re printing posters, for example, decide where you’ll hang them and how you’ll ensure that they’ll reach the right people. If you’re printing flyers or brochures, consider how you’ll distribute them and who you’ll distribute them to. Custom banners can be crafted to the perfect size to meet your needs. Get started at AlphaGraphics Concord today.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating and implementing a successful large format printing strategy. Keep in mind that your strategy should be tailored to your target audience, the types of materials you plan on printing, and the distribution methods you plan on using. AlphaGraphics Concord can help with all of your print and digital marketing needs. Contact us today!

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