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Staying on Top: How Adjusting Your Print Materials Can Help You Keep Up with Trends

In today's fast-paced business world, staying on top of trends is a must to remain competitive. While digital marketing strategies can play a significant role, it's important not to overlook traditional marketing channels, such as print materials. By making adjustments to your print marketing materials mid-year, your business can keep up with the latest trends and attract more customers. AlphaGraphics Concord is a local print shop that offers the best in print materials, including banners, posters, and business cards. Here are a few ways to adjust your print materials. Contact us today!

A designer sketching business logos

Play with Color and Typography

One of the simplest ways to update your print materials is by playing around with the color scheme and typography. Choosing a new color palette (such as spring colors) or a fresh set of fonts can give your print marketing materials a modern, eye-catching look. Try a spring banner for an upcoming sale or a summer blow-out sale announced via brochures. Learn more from AlphaGraphics Concord today.

A designer working on an ad design

Incorporate Fun Graphics

Including fun and playful graphics in your print marketing materials is a great way to grab the attention of your target audience, and spring and summer are just the seasons to be playful. Be sure to keep style and tone in line with your brand image so that it remains relevant and consistent, but be creative and explore new mediums, such as postcards. Call today.

A group of creatives discussing new designs at a meeting

Make Use of Negative Space

Utilizing negative space in your print designs, such as on your business cards, banners, and posters, can give it an updated, sleek look. This could be anything from using minimalistic designs to playing with the layout and spacing of your content. In addition, consider choosing colors and fonts that contrast and that go well together, along with empty space. You can grab your customers' attention with only a few words. Ask our custom print shop how today!

A designer looking through photographs on their computer

Highlight Authenticity

In today's marketing landscape, authenticity is crucial. Highlight your brand’s uniqueness in your print marketing materials by utilizing images or graphics that depict authentic scenes or experiences, which tells your brand's story to your target audience. Here's a great place to include high-quality photographs of your location or your employees serving your customers. Ask our print marketing experts at AlphaGraphics Concord today.

A person leaving an online review

Incorporate User-Generated Content

User-generated content is content that your customers create for you. Try using customer-generated photos, testimonials, or other content in your brochure or flyer designs for a more personalized touch. Customers love to see others who use and enjoy our products and/or services. Let our expert print marketers help you craft the perfect design today!

Three women looking at social media on a phone

Get Creative with Social Media Integration

Tie your print marketing materials to your online platforms by incorporating social media handles or hashtags on the materials. QR codes are great as well to help guide your customers to your website to learn more. By integrating digital marketing with print marketing, you can reach more of your target audience and kill two birds with one stone. In addition, consider fun hidden messages or puzzles to make your print marketing materials memorable, fun, and maybe even humorous. Call AlphaGraphics Concord today!


By keeping your print materials up-to-date, your business can ensure that it stays relevant in today's constantly evolving business world. AlphaGraphics Concord offers many different options to customize your print marketing materials that will represent your business well. Our team stays on top of the trends, so you don't have to, and we incorporate these ideas into your particular business branding. From posters and banners to business cards and flyers, we've got your print and digital marketing needs covered. Reach out to our custom print shop to get started today!

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