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The AlphaGraphics Shameless Keyword Plug

One of the valuable lessons of SEO (search engine optimization) is that a business blog needs to have links back to its main website using anchor text. I have had a lot of problems doing this since I started this blog in December, 2009.  I have used this blog to show that AlphaGraphics has marketing expertise in addition our normal printing and copying expertise.  However, our current website designed by the AlphaGraphics corporate people has very little marketing expertise elements included. If you look at one of my centers' websites you will see our expertise in printing, copying, bindery, mailing services, graphic design and large format (signs) is well displayed. The only discussion in the marketing area is a couple of pages on 1-to-1 personalized marketing and the use of purl's (personalized url's)

Here Comes the Shameless Part

The holy grail of keywords that I want my centers' websites to rank highly for are: printing mesa az, printing tempe az and printing phoenix az. Its hard to write a blog on marketing services and use these anchor text words in the middle of sentences. Believe it or not, we do rank highly for such words as: business cards mesa az, business cards tempe az and business cards phoenix az. Unfortunately, business cards are not a high profit area of our business. We even rank highly for blueprints mesa az, blueprints tempe az and blueprints phoenix az. So much so that we out-rank a lot of dedicated blueprint houses in the Phoenix market.

Piling On

What would some of the other keywords I would like to emphasize? Well how about mailing services mesa az, mailing services tempe az and mailing services phoenix az? Another hard term to rank for is: direct marketing mesa az, direct marketing tempe az and or course, direct marketing phoenix az. Over the last couple of months, I have seen that our rankings for; marketing mesa az, marketing tempe az and marketing phoenix az has improved significantly. So there you have it, a shameless show of stuffing a blog full of anchor text keywords linked back to our center websites. Next week, I will be back to trying to write my blog posts with good information on marketing and other relevant information. You can always contact us at the following AlphaGraphics websites: AlphaGraphics Mesa Printing and Marketing FaceBook Fan Page AlphaGraphics Tempe Printing and Marketing FaceBook Fan Page AlphaGraphics Phoenix Printing and Marketing FaceBook Fan Page Twitter: @steveadams291 LinkedIn: stepheneugeneadams Digg This | Delicious Y4KMXH2GKNRM

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  • How are window decals commonly used?
    Window decals are popular for expressing loyalty, especially in high school sports. They allow individuals to showcase team spirit without affecting their car's paint finish.
  • What is the advantage of die-cut stickers?
    Die-cut stickers can be customized to any shape and size, offering a unique and personalized touch. This is particularly useful for bumper stickers or any application where a specific shape is desired.
  • Are weatherproof labels suitable for products in ice water?
    Yes, weatherproof labels, available in sheets or rolls, are ideal for products that may be immersed in ice water, providing durability and maintaining visibility in challenging conditions.
  • What is the difference between sheet-fed and roll-fed labels?
    Sheet-fed labels come in standard sheets, suitable for printing delivery addresses or product labels. Roll-fed labels are delivered on rolls, making them fast and easy to use for shipping and product labeling.
  • What types of materials are available for creating labels?
    Labels can be crafted from various materials, including holographic, sheet-fed paper, roll-fed paper, weatherproof materials, and more. The choice of material depends on the intended use and durability requirements.
  • How do window decals adhere without damaging the car's paint?
    Window decals use an adhesive that is specifically designed not to damage the car's paint finish. They adhere securely to the glass surface, allowing for easy application and removal without causing harm.
  • Can labels be used for both practical and promotional purposes?
    Absolutely, labels can serve practical purposes like appointment or event reminders while also being used for promotional activities. They add a final touch to mailings and can be child-friendly giveaway items.
  • What design and strategy assistance do you offer when working with AlphaGraphics?
    When working with AlphaGraphics, you receive comprehensive assistance, including design, strategy, printing, and packaging services. This ensures you have complete control over the final product, from concept to delivery.
  • How can labels enhance important mailings or act as appointment reminders?
    Labels can add a final touch to important mailings, making them visually appealing and memorable. They are also great for appointment reminders, adding a functional aspect to their use.
  • What are the popular uses of holographic labels?
    Holographic labels are eye-catching and can be used for mailers, security authentication, or any application where a unique and distinctive design is desired.
  • Can I order labels online, and is reordering a hassle-free process?
    Yes, we offer hassle-free online ordering and reordering through agOnline, providing a convenient and efficient way to manage your label printing needs.
  • What customization options are available for labels and decals?
    You can choose from customizable templates or create designs from scratch. Select signature shapes, colors, sizes, and materials to tailor labels to your specific branding needs.
  • How can labels, stickers, and decals be integrated into my marketing strategy?
    These elements are versatile components that can be used in various marketing materials, such as mailers, product promotions, gifts, incentives, event packets, and even on beverage bottles. They provide an effective way to spread your brand's message.
  • What are the key benefits of using custom labels for my business?
    Custom labels offer a versatile and visually appealing way to enhance your brand's visibility. They can be used for branding, promotions, and conveying important messages to your audience.