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Custom Window Graphics for Retail Spaces: Boosting Sales

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People process images about 60,000 times quicker than they can interpret text. Understanding this when marketing a business lets you create quality print marketing content in the form of large graphics. Custom window graphics for retail spaces are a great way to make an impact with images, infographics, and photos.

This isn't just speculation - studies of consumer behavior show that effective signage can boost traffic and sales. Read on for a run-down of relevant figures and how you can boost conversions with interactive wall graphics ideas.

Signs and Sales: A Quick Quantitative Run-Down

Numbers don't lie, and there are fortunately several figures to show the impacts of signage on sales. The Sign Research Foundation found that 60% of all businesses that modified their signage saw better sales than they reported in the past. In fact, they made about 10% more sales when they switched things up.

Signs are also effective at boosting foot traffic. 76% of Americans will walk into a new, previously unknown store based solely on its signs. If it's eye-grabbing enough, they'll take a look at the brand and check out what they have to offer.

Per those same studies, 68% of consumers have actually made a purchase because of the appealing signage!

Signs make you more visible and appealing. This correlates directly to more sales. You can reach a wider local audience with quality signs since people will be more likely to drop in when wandering around and window shopping.

Even customers who don't make a purchase because of signage are still often influenced by it. 91% of all shoppers say that a nice sign made them feel more inclined to make a purchase. It was one factor that influenced and motivated them.

Influencing Buying Decisions

Influencing purchasing decisions is the #1 goal of point-of-purchase signs. Clearly, the numbers show that they're an effective way to drive buyers toward the checkout.

But why is this the case?

First, signs - especially window graphics - help you create a sense of professionalism. Large window decals are sleek and modern. They don't succumb to weather damage like a traditional sign may, which ensures that they promote your business in a consistently professional and elegant manner.

People will view you as a well-established and reputable business when they walk by.

Window graphics also target the local audience that small brick-and-mortar businesses must reach. Unlike digital marketing, your window signage will draw in those already walking by your business. Some of them may already plan to spend money on your products while others are browsing options in person.

You have chances to make sales to those who are already interested shoppers. All you need to do is compel them to make that final leap.

Promoting Specific Products

Promoting specific offerings is a great way that signs can influence shopper's behavior. Consider your top-performing products. Put photos of these items on the sign alongside graphics showcasing how useful they are.

The customer is already at your physical location, and these signs can steer them into your store.

If you're really looking to make conversions on a specific product, you can also showcase promotions for that item. Putting a "10% off today" badge on your sign beside a high-quality product is a great way to generate foot traffic. BOGO deals are also appealing to consumers looking to save some money.

To effectively drive sales with specific product promotion, though, you'll need to choose the right goods to promote.

Think about what tends to sell the best. These are your top bets.

Also, consider what products will sell with accessories. If you can get people to purchase a specific blouse, for example, you can also drive them to purchase a hat with a matching print. This is a great way to boost sales on multiple items.

Last-chance items that are on clearance are also always great choices. They create a sense of urgency and make people feel like they have to buy now. This is important for businesses that rely on in-person foot traffic since FOMO will drive immediate walk-in purchases.

Creating a Branded Shopping Experience

In addition to a professional look, signs can be used to promote your brand with quality content. Window graphics for branding make people feel more loyal to your brand.

Place your brand logo on a custom window cling. This will turn people's heads and get them to immediately process the face of your brand. Since window graphics are point-of-sale marketing, viewers will immediately coordinate their location with your brand.

Using your business colors is also a great way to create a branded experience. Presumably, you'll have chosen colors that inspire feelings you want associated with your business. Red'a invigorating; blue's calming; yellow boosts feelings of cheer and happiness.

Transforming your business with these hues in your window is a great way to get people interested in walking in.

Tips for Designing Custom Window Graphics for Retail Spaces

To get the most out of your window graphics:

  • Opt for clear branding information
  • Use bright colors
  • Limit text to short sentences and bullet points
  • Make sure that the text is large and supplements images
  • Create interactive graphics like charts and purchasing maps
  • Show what products actually do
  • Use minimalistic graphics
  • Include QR codes that people can scan for discounts
  • Share your social media handles (and offer promotions to followers)

Seasonal designs are also a great choice because they get people in the holiday spirit. They'll feel like they need to browse your store now because of upcoming holidays and events. It creates a sense of urgency that drives conversions right away.

Consider privacy window film benefits as well. Some window graphics make it possible to see out of the store from its interior while blocking passersby from looking in.

This isn't just ideal because people will need to come in to see your wares. It also gives those browsing inside a sense of security and privacy.

Boost Conversions With Window Graphics Design Inspiration

Now know the link between custom window graphics for retail spaces and increased sales. That means it's time to begin designing retail-friendly wall graphics.

Our team is committed to helping you create and print vibrant window clings that brand your business and promote your products within seconds. Request a quote from Alpha Graphics to learn more details about your upcoming marketing project.

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