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  • 5/19/2020
  • adminus794

12-6 Blog: Any Regrets?

Recently, while sitting on the old couch in my office at my Tri-Cities - Atlanta Airport Center, the former owner of the shop I bought to convert to AlphaGraphics shook his head at a thought. Chris an...

  • 4/16/2020
  • adminus794

12- Blog: We Are Open…

For the government agency that needed signs telling the residents of the community that parks were closed For the T-shirt company that wanted all to know that they could get masks from its store ...

  • 3/3/2020
  • adminus794

12-6 Blog: Women’s History Month

When I led Diversity and Inclusion work for my former employer, we made a collective, pretty big deal of Women's History Month. Much planning went into an event featuring women leaders within the corp...