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Essential Components To A Successful Trade Show

As trade show season comes to an end, did you get the results you were looking for?  If not, check out our list of essential trade show components to see what you can do to make improvements for next season.  

Increase Booth Visibility

Be bold and courageous!  Whether it’s a giveaway or having a celebrity with an industry connection at your booth, it’s imperative that you stand out from the competition while also keeping it relevant to your product/service.  If you need inspiration, attend other tradeshows or ask other vendors. Doing this can give you valuable insights into your competitor’s marketing tactics. Also make sure your marketing materials, backdrops and pop-up banners are exciting, persuasive, and on-brand.  Reinforcing your impactful presentation with intelligent marketing materials will help ensure the impression you made stays with prospects long after they’ve left the event.  

Connect With Your Attendees

Trade shows are all about the attendees and sometimes our sales approach is stale or comes off as rehearsed.  Re-evaluate how well you are connecting with people. Things to look at include body language, eye contact, listening intently, introducing yourself and remembering names.  Notice how personable your interactions are, one way is to look for something in common. By asking questions, you make the person you’re interacting with feel valued. Grab their attention and make them want to know more by offering them trade show materials that act as a jump-off point for a one-on-one conversation.  

Go Big or Go Home Style Giveaways

Is handing out branded chapstick practical? Yes, but does it result in a lead?  Consider investing in a more memorable giveaway or activity. Something like a $50 cooler or pullover after an attendee sits through a 15 minutes presentation.  A free product that is useful to them, and branded by you, contributes to customer retainment as well as increased traffic to your booth. Using promotional products that can be used repeatedly, have discreet logos, fun taglines, and practicality are the ones with significant marketing potential!  

Social Media Works

Advertising your brand on social media has a broad reach so why not include your trade show experience?  Post pictures prior, during, and after to the event to increase buzz. Include your booth #, hashtags, and contest/giveaway invitations.  Grow your online presence and reputation with online marketing that mixes perfectly with social networking.  Online marketing provides reach across multiple platforms.  QR codes, for example, are dynamic, 2-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned with a mobile device camera. They are used to share relevant information directly to your potential or current customers.  

Post Show Debrief

What you do after the tradeshow is almost as important as how you prepare for the show.  And the sooner you answer these questions directly after the tradeshow, the better!  How was your booth location and set-up in relation to traffic flow, your competitors, and the overall feel?  Did your message resonate? What were the most successful parts of the show? Answering these questions will provide the springboard to increased tradeshow success! Changes such as a booth makeover can help narrate the visual story of your business and trade show graphics design services can give you a return on your investment that lasts for years!  

Your Minneapolis Trade Show Resource

Our professional team will work side-by-side with you to conceptualize, design and produce engaging cross-media campaigns and communications that engage and excite tradeshow attendees about your business.   Our team provides full-service, one-stop solutions for everything from graphic design to printing to fulfillment. We also offer agOnline, an award-winning web-to-print platform.  Contact us today to set up an appointment with our team at either 612-340-1111 (Minneapolis) or 952-953-5522 (Apple Valley).

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