We focus on your marketing so you can focus on your patients

Providing high quality, reliable healthcare can exhaust your personal resources, leaving little time for other business details.

AlphaGraphics provides customized printing and marketing solutions to help medical professionals stay organized so they can focus on what matters most: the patients.

Every year, it becomes more challenging to provide quality care for your patients while improving productivity and efficiency, meeting regulatory requirements, and staying profitable. As a healthcare provider, you need custom-tailored solutions that simplify your processes.

Why Alphagraphics?

We offer integrated business solutions like:

  • Business printing
  • Convenient online ordering through AG Online
  • Document management systems
  • Multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Educational and training materials
  • Website design and content marketing
  • Our marketing communications experts understand the unique requirements of the medical and veterinary communities. That’s why we take the time to get to know the particulars of your practice.

Once we’ve identified your needs and goals, we’ll help you implement cost-effective solutions, so you can achieve your objectives. Let us help you manage the details of running an efficient care facility so you can direct your energy to providing excellent care for the patients who rely on you. 

Want to learn more about how we can help market your healthcare business? Contact us today!


The face of today’s healthcare system has changed forever.  Consumers are taking a more active role in their healthcare decisions.  How do you meet their expectations to provide an effective solution?  Whether your goal is to educate consumers about your healthcare plans or simply to reach physicians, AlphaGraphics in Apple Valley can get you there!  After we discuss your marketing needs we will customize your healthcare marketing and at a competitive price.


At our Apple Valley commercial print center, we provide the powerful combination of exceptional service in marketing, printing, and technology.  We can help you position your healthcare organization with customized solutions tailored to reaching your goals. 

Your marketing goals shouldn’t include compromise.  Don’t settle for less, instead create something engaging that leaves your reader wanting more.  We understand the need for excellent printing here at AlphaGraphics in Apple Valley.  We have the options and competitive pricing to turn your healthcare marketing strategy into reality. 

The design of your marketing can make a big difference since healthcare marketing has unique needs.  Let our team at AlphaGraphics in Apple Valley, lighten your work load by taking care of the design.  You can create a design with our skilled graphic design team to develop a look that represents your brand or provide your own design.  

Are your materials outdated?  Get maximum value for all of the hard work you put into content development by letting us help you refresh your materials.  From letterhead to education and training materials to form design and printing, we can help your create consistent imagery and messaging.  


Do you have multiple offices? Maintaining consistentcy and dealing with logistics across multiple locations can be challenging.  But we have a solution! agOnline is our interactive platform that allows you to design and order all of your print, promotional and marketing materials. All of this makes is easy to control inventory, eliminate waste, improve delivery times and reduce costs!  With agOnline you can set permissions so your staff can re-order materials and programs with just a few clicks. But even more impressive you can create documents online for printing using our templates or by uploading a file.


Our print center experts at AlphaGraphics in Apple Valley have what it takes to showcase your healthcare marketing.  Whether it’s engaging patients, generating new patients, or creating a consistent message, we can help.  Having an effective and quality healthcare marketing strategy brings greater patient engagement, better patient care, and higher customer satisfaction.  We provide the solutions to keep you organized so you can focus on changing lives for the better.  Contact us to have a conversation about your specific healthcare marketing needs and how we can help. 



Our Apple Valley commercial print center offers healthcare marketing services in Apple Valley and the south metro, including Eagan, Burnsville, Lakeville and Rosemount. 

Let us help you get started

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