Floor Decals and Graphics

Transform your floor with imaginative decals and graphics

Get people talking about your business!

Get people talking about your business with mind-blowing visual effects on the very floor they’re walking on!

Whether the surface is concrete, brick, carpet or wood, we have the floor graphics to stick to just about anything.

Put interior floor graphics to work for you

Some floor graphic options include:

  • Directional information
  • Specialty advertising
  • Safety or parking decals
  • Temporary promotions or events
  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Inspirational messages
  • Permanent retail branding
  • Welcoming guests

Our team of graphic designers and marketing experts can help you incorporate your company’s logo, mission statement, product offerings, and more into durable, full-color images custom cut to your floor’s dimensions.

Our floor graphics are:
  • Tear and scuff resistant
  • Designed to look amazing even in high traffic areas
  • Weather-proof
  • Available in temporary or permanent adhesives
  • High-quality black and white or bold full-color
  • Easy to adhere to virtually any surface

Whether you’re planning a massive annual sale, directing patrons to your new trade show booth (we create those, too), or are just looking to spice up your interior décor, our team has your floor covered.

AlphaGraphics offers advanced solutions for converting boring floors into eye-catching advertising for your brand. Contact us today to get started!


Engage and educate with floor graphics that give your target audience something to stand on.

Interior floor decals and graphics serve so many purposes.  Whether they are there to keep customers entertained while waiting in a lobby, there to convey important messaging while walking through a retail space or to direct people from point A to point B, floor decals are an engaging medium.  Smart marketing strategies involve interacting with your target audience and interior floor graphics, playful yet informative in nature, can help you do exactly that. 

As an experienced print company in Apple Valley, MN, Alphagraphics offers durable, high-quality print graphics delivered with an attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy.  As a locally owned Minnesota business, we understand the importance of brand, logo and identity.    That’s why we go the extra mile with each project we undertake to understand our client’s needs and specifications.



As one of the leading print companies in Apple Valley, we make sure to stay on the forefront of print technology to ensure your results are vibrant, crisp and on-target every time.   We use color-matching technology that prints consistent colors across multiple mediums no matter the complexity of the project. What’s more, our floor decals and graphics are made using non-slip materials for the safety of your employees and your customers.  With our commercial print center in Apple Valley, you can be assured that you’ll be getting the best value and highest quality floor decals and graphics for your investment.


Wondering how you can use interior floor decals and graphics to reach your customers?  Here are a few ways you can utilize this creative medium for maximum impact:

  • Make a trail comprised of your logo or another engaging graphic to lead customers to a destination.  The excitement and feeling of anticipation as customers follow the path will stick in people’s minds as a memorable experience.
  • Boost engagement and build brand recognition by creating a ‘Selfie Spot’ that encourages customers to post their selfie on social media platforms using a clever hashtag. 
  • Go 3D! Cutting edge 3D interior floor graphics can transport audiences to new places making for an experience that is hard to forget.
  • Place logos, taglines and other branded content in unexpected spots that jump out to capture attention and communicate important information
  • Have fun!  The sky’s the limit (or should we say the floor’s the limit!) with interior floor decals and graphics. 

Contact us to get started today. Our skilled client service specialists know the ins and outs of marketing.  We’ll help you come up with a creative and engaging floor graphic design that gets noticed and gets business.



How many people do you see walking around that are looking down at their phones?  Twenty?  More?  Is your eye-level signage not getting the attention it deserves?  Take advantage of that unused marketing space with our exterior floor graphics!  At AlphaGraphics in Apple Valley, MN, we can help you get noticed.  The parameters of conventional marketing are ever-expanding.  Our team will get your brand the attention it deserves wherever your target audience happens to be looking.


Eye-catching exterior floor graphics can be used to welcome guests to your store, guide customers through a unique retail experience, advertise special events and promotions and much more.  As a trusted Twin Cities printing service provider, we are equipped to take care of all sorts of print jobs.  Our print and marketing center handles a variety of projects such as classic branded envelopes and letterhead to large-format projects.  Our creative and innovative designs lay the foundation for your marketing initiatives.  Our breadth and depth of experience of 20+ years in the industry means we can handle the latest in print technology, like exterior floor graphics, with skill and ease.  Our team is excited to work with you to get your brand on the floor and customers in the door!


Hit the ground running and increase your business!  Whether it’s carpet, wood, or tiled floors, we have high quality materials designed to stick to almost any surface.  Our adhesives can be permanent or temporary depending on your specific needs and wants.  The graphics can be printed in white, classic black or vibrant full-color.  At AlphaGraphics in Apple Valley, we invest in the newest technology to ensure you, our valued business partners, receive the best results.  Exterior graphics can be cut to any size or shape.  Bring us your wildest ideas or let our excellent graphic designers dream up a creative concept for you. 


At our Minnesota printing company, we know the in’s and out’s of design, marketing, and printing.  We can use our knowledge and skill to help you maximize visibility and brand identity right beneath your customers’ feet.  It doesn’t matter if your business is ordering for an annual or quarterly event, or a permanent addition, your exterior floor graphics from AlphaGraphics print center in Apple Valley will look great!  Weather resistant?  Yes, we can do that.  High traffic area?  No problem.  Our graphics are printed to withstand the wear and tear of customers and clients day after day. 



Our Apple Valley commercial print center offers custom exterior floor graphic and floor decal design and printing services in Apple Valley and the south metro, including Eagan, Burnsville, Lakeville and Rosemount. 

Let us help you get started

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