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10 Ways to Attract New Clients to Your Clinic

Today’s medical industry is increasingly competitive, making effective healthcare marketing strategies necessary to grow your practice.  Whether you’re a solo practitioner or practicing in a large group, patients are the lifeline of your dentist office, eye clinic, chiropractor office or medical center.  To help you grow your practice, we’ve found some proven ways to reach new clients and get them in the door!  

Consistent Brand Recognition

With new healthcare facilities popping up on every corner, it’s important that your brand and messaging are consistent.  Whether it’s logo design, business cards, or building signage,  brand recognition helps patients distinguish your practice from the next.  

Networking Events

Offer your expertise to local organizations such as your local chamber of commerce, health fair, or a learning lunch at a local business.  This gets the name of your practice out there and at the same time demonstrates your value to each attendee.  Don’t forget the unlimited brand visibility of including some promotional item giveaways at the networking event!  

Know & Study Your Competition

Taking the extra time to research your competition can pay off with new patients. How? For starters, look into how they market their practice,  how much they charge, how many insurance plans they accept, and how easy it is to get an appointment.  There are huge advantages to be had from learning the strengths and weaknesses of your competition.  

Patient Reviews

Obtaining positive patient reviews can be extremely valuable for increasing your patient base.  A reviewer is much more likely to come back, it reinforces customer loyalty, and the fact is, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.  That is reason alone to implement this tactic.  

Special Offer

Hit the ground running with a brochure or direct mail piece featuring a special offer and market how and why you’re better than your competition.  Not only do marketing materials promote awareness, they are educational and provide access to your services.  According to a study by Murphy Research, 88% of decisions are made at home. Direct mail and brochures help ensure that your practice is represented when choices about healthcare are made.  

Sponsor A Sports Team

Team sponsorship is a mutually beneficial marketing duo.  You provide the team with much-needed uniforms and equipment and in return, your practice gets increased brand visibility by printing your logo on their jerseys, posters, banners, and promotional items.  

Collaborate With Your Reps

With so many reps visiting your practice every week, consider leveraging their products and knowledge with your expertise.  Ask them for their ideas on potential collaborative marketing efforts.  

Local Employees

Take advantage of nearby businesses.  Healthcare providers are often chosen for their convenient location.  Display well-branded posters on their company bulletin boards or host a special event or workshop.  

Start A Blog

Engage with potential and existing customers by adding new, relevant, and consistent blog content.  You’ll increase SEO while keeping your patients informed of the latest healthcare trends. It’s also an inexpensive way to drive traffic to your site.  

Practitioner to Practitioner Referral

Enhance your stream of patients by actively networking with physicians in your area.  Whether you’re in private practice or are part of a health network, there are many ways to increase and create referrals by reaching out and working together.  

Your Apple Valley, MN Healthcare Marketing Resource

Give us a call to start a marketing campaign that gets patients in your door.  At Alphagraphics in Apple Valley, we work with healthcare professionals to successfully design, print and execute your marketing strategies. In addition to our Apple Valley location, we also have another location in downtown Minneapolis, making it easy to work with us no matter where you are based in the Twin Cities.  Whichever location you choose, you’ll find knowledgeable, highly skilled professionals ready to help your business get noticed and get business. Contact us today to learn more or get a free quote!  

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