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5 Savvy Summer Marketing Tips

As summer winds down so can sales activity.  Excite your customers no matter how high the temperature gets with some great marketing tips that will add a splash to your summer sales!  

5 Ideas to Boost Your Sales

Take it Outside! 
An excellent and often overlooked marketing strategy is to host an event.  Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the outdoors by participating in local community events or even hosting your own event!  If you provide your clients with a fun, personal experience, along with free food, music, prizes, and promotional products, it can raise awareness and positively impact your ROI.  Consider collaborating with other non-competing businesses or sponsors, this can help create a bigger buzz around your event and boost networking.  Also, don't forget to utilize heavy social media marketing and eye-catching invitations and brochures to increase interest and attendance.
The Higher the Heat, the Better the Offer
Summer promotions work when the offer is right and easy to spot.  Consider promotional offers that are tied to the weather.  For example, offer a free samples, coupons or quantity discounts that encourage people to come out of the heat and into your business.  If your weather doesn’t see that high of temperatures, consider a  “rainy day” offer. Regardless of “weather” you choose heat or rain, promote both your brand and your offer with window graphics, outdoor banners, and creative promotional products with a summer theme.
Summer Inspired Signage
Innovative signage attracts attention so why not use summer holidays as the visual backdrop to tie into your current summer promotions?  Consider a sidewalk sign with a vibrant summer scene or a colorful Labor Day weekend promotion using chalk so passersby won’t miss your storefront!  Summer offers many fun and upbeat visuals that can give your marketing the POP it needs to get noticed!  Click here for more ideas on how to use chalkboard and sidewalk signage to boost sales.
Sizzling Hot Promotional Items
Sizzling hot promotional items during the summer months increase brand awareness and provide an unexpected lasting impact.  Whether the give-away is for a patient coming in for an appointment, a sales call, or for every 10th customer that makes a purchase, give-aways create excitement and inspire action!  Be sure to use your give-away in your online marketing initiatives.  Your brand boldly added to sunscreen, a beach blanket, or cooler can remind your customers that you’re thinking about them this summer.
Take Advantage of Kids Being Out of School
Summer is for check-ups!  Between school and after-school activities, there is little time to squeeze in a dental cleaning or medical check-up.  Catch parents before school starts when it’s easier to get their kids in for appointments by marketing via direct mail or by sponsoring local kid-centric events at your local library or community center!  

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