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How to Turn Inactive Customers Active

Is your company letting former customers slip through the cracks because you’re hyper-focused on new business?  Customer retention is one of the most important investments a company can make.  After all, what’s the point in securing new clients and customers only to lose them shortly after? Studies show it’s less expensive to reactivate and retain a customer than it is to find and attract a new one.  So, instead of ignoring your inactive customers, re-engage them by using a multi-channel strategy designed to win them back.  These tips can help you do just that - get customers back and keep them back. 

Knowledge is Power

Before you dive head-first into a reactivation campaign consider the questions below.  The answers are the building blocks to implementing an effective strategy that will provide the return on your marketing investment.  
  • How long has it been since they were a customer?
  • Was it the price, quality, or customer service that prevented them from coming back?
  • Do you have new products/services that can entice them back or would incentivizing them to ‘try it again’ be more effective?
  • Is your message clear and specific relative to their purchasing history? 
  • How can you streamline your strategy to make it as simple and easy for them to reactivate? 

‘No-Fail’ Mail

Woo back your inactive customers with a direct mail campaign they didn’t see coming.  Direct mail is a timeless, effective strategy that has proven response rates.   Provide them with eye-catching postcards and brochures with a well-planned offer they can’t refuse.  Direct mail packs a punch that digital marketing alone can’t provide.  How? 70% of Americans say that mail is more personal than the internet and 80-90% of direct mail gets opened. These are strong numbers that shouldn’t be ignored.  


Remind your customers why they should come back with an effective email marketing campaign.  Drive customers back to your website with an email strategy that is creative and straightforward.  Reaching out with one email is not enough since there’s a good chance it won’t be noticed or that it will be accidentally deleted.  Sending a series of three emails is more efficient, increasing your visibility and therefore your open rate. Exclusive “return customer” promotions are an especially effective strategy.  Pay attention to your inactive list management so that it reaches the right audience.  Providing personalized URL’s can engage your former customers while also providing a way to track your response rate and even improve your SEO (search engine optimization).  

Keep it Personal

Who, me?  Yes, you! Make your reactivation strategy as personal as possible.  Leverage any detailed data you have on your former customers and tailor a personalized marketing campaign that will make them take notice.  You can’t go wrong with a flyer featuring an exclusive offer, promotional products, or a discount directly mailed to them on their birthday.  Personalized contact shows them the human side of your business, helping build stronger and more intimate relationships with both active and inactive customers

Your Apple Valley, MN Source for Customer Reactivation Strategies Including Print, Marketing & Signage Solutions

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