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How to Leverage Signage for Marketing Your Business

There is nothing quite like a vibrant, memorable sign to attract customers to your business or help increase brand awareness. Unlike other types of media which are here today and gone tomorrow, signs have a tendency to be more lasting and leave an indelible mark on those that see them. Whether it is a door hanging that simply lets customers know you are open for business, window decals that broadcast your latest sale, or a banner welcoming customers to your new location, signs are a crucial component of any marketing strategy. If you feel your business could be well served by upping its signage game, read on to learning more about what makes signs so effective and how and which types of signs to use to market your business.

The Importance of Signage

Not only do signs speak for your brand, but they have the power to connect your business to your customers and audience. A well-made sign does at least three things:
  • Attracts attention
  • Informs your customers
  • Calls your audience to action
When you make and use signs that look good, people will take notice. Not only will your signs turn heads, but people will begin to associate your quality signage with your brand—definitely a good thing. But signs can do so much more than that. Take for example a flag that announces your latest sale. You might include the dates and the discount range your customers can expect. Such a sign informs your customers about the savings they can hope for if they shop during your sale. Finally, a good sign includes a call to action or CTA. CTA’s have become popular for digital marketing but too many businesses overlook them when it comes to printed media. If your banner beckons people to your business, they might just show up. And don’t forget the fact that signs are far more permanent than Instagram posts and even email campaigns. While customers can swipe past, cancel, or unsubscribe from your digital marketing materials, if they pass by your store, they can’t help but see them.

Using Signs Well

As noted above, quality signs can be a boon for your business. However, the opposite is also true. Poorly designed or implemented signs are not only a waste of marketing dollars, but can actually hurt your business and your brand. To avoid squandering the unique opportunity presented by signs, make sure you create beautiful flags, banners, floor graphics, and more. You can also feel free to infuse your signs with your brand’s wit, sense of humor, and charm. Your brand has a personality and signs are a great way to show it off. Here are some other tips for using signs well:
  • Make people look. Create signs that turn heads. If you feel you lack the artistic vision to make that happen, consider hiring the graphic design experts at AlphaGraphics. They have the experience and skills to create signs that wow.
  • Consider a complimentary color scheme. One of the best parts about signs is they are highly customizable. You can make them any shape, size, color, or out of any material you can imagine. Go with colors that match your brand and style.
  • Location, location, location. Put your signs where people will see them. Near the storefront, on the side of a busy road, even in the bathroom. If your signs are going to be directional, located on the floor or wall, make sure they point customers where they are supposed to go.
  • Make your signs simple. Other than a few colors, an image, and a handful of words (preferably no more than seven) there is nothing else you should put on your sign. Also, make sure text is large enough to read from across the room or down the street.
If you make signs that grab your customers’ attention and put them in the right place, you are sure to see a healthy return on investment.

What Type of Sign Should You Use for Your Business?

One final factor that is important to get right when using signs is choosing the right one. There are dozens and even hundreds of different types of signs and when you consider the different sizes and colors, the possibilities are endless. Consider some of these popular signs.

Floor and Wall Graphics

Floor and wall graphics work so well because they are white space customers interact with every time they come into your store. When you design them well they can be used not only for directional purposes like pointing to the restroom or checkout, but they can also reinforce your brand’s personality. They can be witty and include your logo or offer an interesting fact and attractive layout. Either way, with the increased use of floor graphics due to COVID-19, people have grown accustomed to looking down to learn where they should go. High-quality floor graphics will also last for many months and, depending on the traffic, even years.

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps are extremely durable and also can stay up for years if you need them to. But what makes vinyl wraps truly amazing is how they can transform anything—from yard games to cars to windows—into an unforgettable ad.


One of the reasons flags work so well is because they can hang where other types of printed media can’t. And when they blow in the wind, their movement attracts attention to your message. Some businesses even use flags over and over again if they are designed to announce an annual festival or sale.

Other Signs

Don’t let the brief list above limit your creativity. Businesses have had success using many different types of signs, including: Just about any sign that is well made and placed in the right spot is sure to do the trick.

Apple Valley AlphaGraphics

While the value of signs is self-evident, how to design and print them well can be a bit more complex. That’s why you should choose AlphaGraphics for all your sign printing needs. The experts at AlphaGraphics have years of experience crafting beautiful signs made out of the finest materials. We also offer a comprehensive list of digital print solutions and can even meet your content marketing needs too. Give us a call at 952-953-5522 or visit us online to learn more about how we can partner with you to create unparalleled signs for your business. At AlphaGraphics Apple Valley, we provide a full range of printing services and signs, including postcards, direct mail, posters, banners, stickers, large prints, window decals and wall decals. We have graphic design experts who can help you develop marketing materials.  We also have resources to help you with digital marketing. To learn more go on our website at or call us at 952-953-5522

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