Present an expert image by applying your branding to all critical business forms, including HR, medical, and invoice forms.

Why Should My Business Create Custom Forms?

Build trust.
Well-structured, branded forms relay a sense of order and reliability to your clients and customers. These forms often ask for private information, so you want to convey credibility.

Boost brand identity.
When it comes to brand identity, every touchpoint matters. Applying your branding to forms ensures your business is top-of-mind as the expert.

Improve efficiency.
Custom forms enable seamless operations by achieving consistency and reducing errors. For example, when you customize forms, you can add codes that make it easier for your employees to collect payments and track sales.

Collect specific information.
When you customize your forms, you can add in specific fields to collect information that is helpful for your business or marketing needs. That way, you can better serve your customers and stay compliant with regulations.

Form Customization Options

Whether you need carbonless forms, simple single-sheet black and white documents, or printer-fed NCR sheets, AlphaGraphics can outfit you with all of the essentials to efficiently serve your clients. Our form customization options include:

  • Single-page, carbon, or carbonless papers
  • Order forms and contracts
  • Statements and invoices
  • Receipts
  • Employment, personnel, and HR documents
  • Leases and tax documents
  • Checklists and checks
  • Patient intake forms
  • Prescription pads
  • Inventory and manufacturing forms
  • Booklets for logbooks

We can also customize your business forms with perforated edges or sequential numbers to further simplify your processes.

What are carbon forms, carbonless forms, and printer fed NCR sheets?

You’ve probably heard the term “carbon copy,” referring to an exact duplicate. Carbon forms and carbonless forms (also known as printer fed NCR sheets) are methods to make copies of forms without a machine. They are great for documents where multiple parties require a copy, like invoices, estimates, or contract forms.

  • Carbonless forms, or printer fed NCR sheets, are a popular eco-friendly choice to make copies of forms. When someone fills out a form with a pen or pencil, the pressure from the utensil creates a chemical reaction, allowing the writing to transfer to the sheets below. NCR is another term for carbonless forms, standing for “No Carbon Required.”
  • • Carbon forms are less common in the modern day. It involves placing a sheet of carbon paper in between two pieces of paper. When someone writes on the top paper, the pressure transfers the ink from the carbon paper onto the paper below.

Forms Design And Printing In New Bern, NC

Paperwork might not be everyone’s favorite, but it is a vital aspect of running a business. When forms are well-constructed, they are easier to fill out and showcase a professional business environment to your clients.

With AlphaGraphics in New Bern, our experts can help you design and print custom forms that will reflect your company standards. Come down to our business center today and we will get you outfitted with all the essential forms you need.


Customized Forms

Customized, branded forms are a simple way to grow your business name and convey reliability. Our skilled team will consult with you to design and format your business forms. Forms are a necessary part of business, so take the opportunity to round out your company image on all fronts.

We Offer Numerous Custom Options Including: 

  • Booklets for logbooks
  • Tax documents and checks
  • Employment and HR documents
  • Receipts
  • Statements and invoices
  • Carbonless forms
  • Prescription pads
  • Order forms and contracts
  • Inventory and manufacturing forms

Printing Options

Once we have assisted you in designing and branding, your forms will be ready to print. At AlphaGraphics in New Bern, we have many print options available. We can customize your forms with perforated edges or sequential numbering to make filling the forms out a seamless process. We also offer the following options in paper: carbonless forms, simple single sheet, black and white documents, or printer-fed NCR sheets.  

To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of New Bern can help you with your next form printing and design project, you may email us, request a quote or call us at (252) 633-3199.

Areas We Serve

AlphaGraphics offers form printing and design services in New Bern, Havelock, Jacksonville, Kinston, Greenville and surrounding areas in Eastern North Carolina.

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