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Take the mystery out of ADA compliance. ADA guidelines help make services and facilities accessible to those with disabilities. Are your signs up to snuff? AlphaGraphics can help you design ADA-compliant signage that’s not only high-quality and functional but also looks sensational.

Learning the ins and outs of ADA Compliance can be tricky

We recommend partnering with a marketing and communications company that knows the rules. Not only is AlphaGraphics up to speed on all ADA signage requirements, but we offer the latest digital and large format printing technologies needed to create a fantastic-looking finished product.

ADA Compliance

In general, any public accessible sign that identifies a permanent room, exit, functional space, or accessible features of a facility must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Having an expert on your side makes all the difference when you’re a business owner. As small business owners ourselves, AlphaGraphics owners have a unique understanding of your responsibilities to your employees and clients.

Our ADA signage features include:

  • Easy to read typefaces
  • Non-glare backgrounds and characters
  • High dark to light contrast between font and background
  • Appropriate letter sizing for the distance

Ada Signage Printing In New Bern, NC

Having the right ADA signage can mean the difference between being compliant with the law and facing potential stiff fines and penalties. ADA stands for “Americans with Disabilities Act” and is a civil rights law that prevents discrimination of people who have disabilities. It also sets forth rules for the workplace and public environments with regards to accessibility and signage.


Are you aware of the various regulations regarding ADA signage? If not, let AlphaGraphics of New Bern advise you on the signage that you’re required to have. We keep up with the changing laws and requirements so you don’t have to.


The signs that we produce are easy to read and extremely visible. We use typefaces that are easy to read (we avoid fonts/typefaces that could be ambiguous), the backgrounds we use are non-glare, and we also make sure that there is highlight to dark contrast with regards to the background of the sign and the font. These elements combined make for a sign that is very easy for anyone to read. The signs we make can also be used at a distance because of the letter sizing that we use.


Are you unsure if your business is required to have ADA compliant signage?


Generally speaking, if there is a sign on your property that is publicly accessible and it identifies a room, exit, functional space or features of a facility that are accessible, then it must be compliant with the ADA. There are also rules on how the sign should be installed.


Ada Signage FAQ's

Do all business signs need to be ADA compliant and have Braille/tactile letters?

There are several signs that do not have to be ADA compliant. Generally speaking, the sign does not need to be ADA compliant if it is a:

  • Building address
  • Directory
  • Parking sign
  • Temporary sign

Are ADA compliant signs required in the stairwells of buildings?

A tactile/Braille sign is required next to every door inside the stairwell of a building. At least the sign should identify the level of the floor and exit/stair level. Fire codes may require additional size requirements (check with our ADA sign experts at the New Bern store for confirmation).

Who is responsible for enforcing ADA laws?

The responsibility for enforcing ADA laws ultimately falls upon the shoulders of the Department of Justice. However local code inspectors can also cite you just as easily. If you are caught with signage that is not compliant, the fines from the DOJ can be as high as $50,000 per infraction.

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