Mesh Banners

Looking for a cost-effective alternative to vinyl banners for a windy locale? AlphaGraphics provides advanced large format printing on a variety of materials, including mesh, and can help you customize the ideal signage for your event.

Digitally-printed mesh banners provide vivid, lightweight marketing that’s ideal for outdoor events like festivals, farmer’s markets, school athletic fields, and concerts.

Perfect for outdoor venues

Mesh banners allow wind and sound to pass through the material, making them perfect for outdoor displays where blustery weather might cause a “sail” effect.

Our mesh banner services include:

  • A virtually unlimited selection of sizes and designs
  • Full-service production, from concept to completion
  • Superior prints on state-of-the-art digital equipment
  • Professional finishing touches including lamination, gloss, grommets, and hardware

There’s no time like the present to reinvent your company’s image or educate viewers about your latest service offerings. Mesh banners are a versatile medium for promoting grand openings, fundraisers, anniversary celebrations, trade shows and more.

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Mesh Banners In New Bern, NC

Mesh banners are perfect for any outdoor venue or event. They are a low-cost alternative to vinyl banners and for outdoor purposes, they can’t be beaten.

For windy areas, vinyl banners just won’t cut it. Even the slightest breeze will turn them into a literal sail, preventing anyone from reading the message on it. If the poles/hardware that secures it in place isn’t firmly attached, it can become airborne very easily.

Mesh banners have tiny holes inside them. They allow the wind/breeze to easily pass through them. The sound will also go through them as well, and if you ask anyone who’s had experience with concerts, regular vinyl banners can catch sound waves and provide horrible acoustic feedback.

Viewed from a distance, it’s nearly impossible to tell that the holes are there. This makes mesh the perfect material for any outdoor gathering. At AlphaGraphics, our digital state-of-the-art printers can create almost unlimited sized and designs. We use the latest innovative inks which allow for bright, vivid colors, fonts, and even images to be printed on the mesh banner material.

We can add professional touches such as:

  • gloss
  • lamination
  • UV and weather resistant coatings (in case you’re planning on leaving the banner in the open for an extended period of time)
  • a wide variety of mounting/hardware options that will work in almost any situation.

    Mesh Banner Mounting Options

    While the banners are usually hung by a rope strung through metal grommets, these banners can be hung or mounted in a wide variety of ways.

    School athletic fields often have mesh banners on the fences or buildings. Local businesses can bring revenue to the school by paying for advertising on a mesh banner which will be strung up over a certain amount of games being played. They will last the entire season and can easily be stored until needed again.

Maintaining Your Mesh Banner

Maintenance is really easy. Simply take a damp cloth and gently wipe away any dirt or grime. There is no need to use hard detergents or chemical cleaners. By performing a little bit of preventative maintenance, you can ensure that your banners will last you for years to come. Learn more about how to care for your mesh banner here.

A little-known trick employed by brick-and-mortar store owners is to put a mesh banner in the front window. It’s a real cost-effective way of promoting a sale or holiday. The best part is that the tiny holes in the mesh will allow enough light to shine through so that energy bills can be kept low.

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