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AlphaGraphics offers custom print and marketing solutions that get noticed to get you business.

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AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District

814 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Team AlphaGraphics

Sarah Meehan Parker

412.226.0576 or smeehan@alphagraphics.com

Clare Meehan

412.226.0577 or cmeehan@alphagraphics.com

Bill Meehan


Rich Cichoski

412.226.0553 or rich@alphagraphics.com

Keith Erickson

412.226.0564 or keith.erickson@alphagraphics.com

Ali Faga

412.226.0582 or ali@alphagraphics.com

Brandi Baughman

412.226.0558 or brandi.baughman@alphagraphics.com

Michelle Bloom

412.261.0578 or michelle.bloom@alphagraphics.com

Danielle Maxwell

412.226.0557 or danielle.maxwell@alphagraphics.com

Margaret Miller

412.226.0574 or margaret.miller@alphagraphics.com

Claudia Meyer

412.226.0584 or claudia@alphagraphics.com

Tracy Schneider

412.226.0559 or tschneider@alphagraphics.com

Jason Doring

412.226.0587 or jason.doring@alphagraphics.com

Robin Ranii

412.226.0562 or robin@alphagraphics.com

John Kasunic

412.226.0581 or john.kasunic@alphagraphics.com

Chad Waller

412.226.0563 or chad.waller@alphagraphics.com

Matt Miller

412.226.0560 or matt.miller@alphagraphics.com

Alex Jamrozy

412.226.0555 or alex.jamrozy@alphagraphics.com

Frank Brancato

412.226.0569 or frank.brancato@alphagraphics.com

Ken Cygnarowicz

412.226.0571 or ken.cygnarowicz@alphagraphics.com

Christopher Molinaro

412.226.0567 or christopher.molinaro@alphagraphics.com

Kelli Muldowney

412.226.0571 or kelli.muldowney@alphagraphics.com

Levi Wikert

412.226.0556 or levi.wikert@alphagraphics.com

Emily Funk

412.226.0556 or emily.funk@alphagraphics.com

Ray Humes

412.226.0568 or ray.humes@alphagraphics.com

Justin Smith

412.226.0556 or justin.smith@alphagraphics.com