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Information You Should Never Share Online
Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much information for criminals to take advantage of people, using the information we make readily available online. Here are a few examples of information you should never share online:
    • Never share your current location. By giving out your location, you are telling potential thieves that you are not at home. This can be especially dangerous if you are on vacation and won’t be home for days. Instead, wait to post vacation photos and a recap until you arrive back home. You can also disable Facebook location tracking to avoid accidentally checking in and sharing information you don't want to.
    • Do not share your phone number online. Consider using a Google Voice phone number as a go-between, instead of your personal phone number.
    • Avoid making your relationship status public. For example, if you change your status to single, you are letting people know you are more likely to be home alone.
    • Avoid providing your full birthdate. While many people love getting birthday wishes on social media sites such as Facebook, posting your full birthday can provide scammers a key piece of information needed to steal your identity and open accounts in your name.
    • Avoid posting photos of your children tagged with their names. Even if you have your privacy set to “friends only,” it is possible that a friend’s phone could get lost or stolen, and your social media posts could fall into the wrong hands. To be safe when posting, assume that everything is going to be public, and avoid posting anything you don’t want the world to view.
    • Don’t post photos of event tickets, since many have a scannable barcode that can be printed or fraudulently copied on to a duplicate ticket. Also avoid sharing photos of boarding passes, which can have personal information and information about your frequent flyer account. With ticket information, someone could change your seats, cancel future flights, and more.
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