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Tips to Remember Names

Tips to Remember Names
Remembering other people’s names is very important when building personal and professional relationships. By recognizing a person by name, you make them feel like they are important to you and have a connection to you. As Dale Carnegie said, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Here are a few tips to help you remember someone’s name:
  • When meeting someone, immediately repeat their name by responding, “Nice to meet you, Mark. I’m John.”
  • When you part ways, use their name again, “It was great talking to you, Mark.”
  • Make a connection between the person you’re talking to, and someone else you know with the same name, for example, "Andy, like my uncle."
  • Don’t call people by abbreviated names or nicknames unless that is how they introduce themselves. For example, someone named Gabrielle may not want to be called Gabby or Gabs.
  • Ask the person to repeat or spell unique names to ensure you can say it correctly. It will also help you remember their name, and the other person will appreciate you making an effort to pronounce their name correctly.
  • Ask the person if they have a business card or contact card. Seeing their name in writing will help you remember it.
If you’d like help creating a personalized business card or contact card, we have lots of creative ideas to ensure you make a memorable connection. Ask us to see card examples today!

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