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Social Media Acronyms
Here are a few popular social media acronyms that can help you better communicate with your team and your audience:
    • DM: A Direct Message is a private, one-on-one message that is visible only to the individuals exchanging messages.
    • PM: A Private Message is similar to a direct message. When someone asks you to PM them, they’d like to have a private conversation.
    • RT: Retweet means publishing someone else’s Tweet to your own feed, and should be accompanied by the user’s handle for attribution.
    • MT: Tweets that begin with MT (Modified Tweet) indicate that a retweeted message was modified for brevity or other reasons.
    • AMA: Ask Me Anything refers to a social question and answer sessions to chat with an audience.
    • BRB: Be Right Back is an oldie, but still relevant in social media.
    • DYK: Did You Know is a fun way to offer a fun fact.
    • BTS: A popular acronym when offering a Behind the Scenes look at your brand or organization.
    • FTW: For the Win can be used to express enthusiasm around an achievement, and can also be used with a humorous post.
    • ICYMI: In Case You Missed It can be a fun way to recap or reiterate content or announcements.
If you’d like ideas for fun ways to communicate with print, we’d love to help! And remember other printers may be nearby, but nobody comes close!

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