Create unforgettable experiences for your audiences while connecting them with your brand. agBox is your infinitely customizable resource for bringing tangible assets to the virtual world.

Bring Any Business Initiative to Life with an agBox

In today’s virtual business environment, making personal connections takes on a whole new challenge. Whether it’s keeping your customers engaged with your brand, making your new employees feel welcome, helping remote employees feel a sense of camaraderie from afar, or simply taking an opportunity to say “hello,” an agBox can bring any initiative to life.

Go Above and Beyond Your Audience's Expectations

Partner with AlphaGraphics to customize your very own agBox — and create an immersive and memorable experience for your audience. What you put inside the box is completely up to you! Build your custom-designed and branded package, fill it with your choice of swag, goodies, and printed materials, and have it delivered directly to your target audience—for less than the cost of lunch!

agBox is perfect for:
  • Virtual Conferences and Events
  • Fundraising
  • Business Development
  • Training Sessions
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Recognition and Awards
  • Holidays and Parties

Conference in a Box

Amp up the excitement and the attendee experience at your next conference or event — whether it’s in-person or virtual!

Nothing beats connecting with other professionals at a conference. A conference in a box keeps that momentum going. Supply attendees with branded swag and promotional items, such as pens, stationery, apparel, drink ware, tech items, printed conference materials, and more, that they’ll use long after the event has ended.

New Employee Welcome Box

Ensure your newest employees feel like part of the team from day one.

Getting new team members up-to-speed is a challenge for any business, especially in a remote work environment. By bringing creativity to the onboarding process with a new hire welcome box, you will start your new employees off on the right foot and help them feel connected with the rest of the team. Consider what materials they’ll need to learn the business; add in branded pens and offices supplies, day planners, and company swag; and make your new employee feel special when you deliver an agBox built just for them.

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