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Cyndi Urbano Caricature

Cyndi Urbano


Cyndi Urbano opened AlphaGraphics Loudoun in 2011 to support local small businesses and nonprofit organizations.. Cyndi brings almost three decades of experience in marketing, branding, and publishing to her clients. Prior to launching AlphaGraphics Loudoun, she was the VP of Branding for SAIC, running the company’s award-winning marketing and proposal development units for 10 years. She started her career as a journalist for a national publishing house in Chicago, where she served as an editor and then publisher. Cyndi moved to another magazine publisher as the publisher of four international trade magazines. The thread throughout her career has been her passion for storytelling. She loves to help clients craft and share their stories, whether personal or professional. She is comfortable in both traditional and digital media. Cyndi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Scientific Journalism and a Master’s degree in Magazine Journalism. She spends her free time playing with photography as well as hiking, cooking, and travelling.

Joe Urbano caricature

Joe Urbano

Production Manager/ Owner

Joe brings more than 30 years of experience as a PMP-certified project manager to his role at AlphaGraphics Loudoun. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Union College in New York and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. After retiring from Fannie Mae, Joe decided to join AlphaGraphics Loudoun to run the center. He is responsible for overseeing production as well as finances. He manages the company's relations with vendors and leads our installation and web teams. During his free time, he enjoys hiking with his wife and dog, practicing Tae Kwan Do, and learning as much as he can about woodworking and blacksmithing.

Alexandra Wicks caricature

Alexandra Wicks

Administrative Specialist

I’m the kind of person that thrives on approval. I love knowing that I can make a positive impact on someone’s day, no matter how small. It’s things like that I find I remember when I’m on the receiving end, and getting to pay that forward is incredibly fulfilling. At AlphaGraphics Loudoun, I head the front desk and grease the wheels across all posts to help everyone run smoothly. I’m here to make sure the team gets to do what they’re best at, and not get bogged down in the minutia of the office day-to-day. Outside of work my two greatest loves are my pets and my plants. I’ve got your usual two dogs and one cat, but in addition I have one tortoise, one lizard, and five snakes, with more likely in the future. I am an avid container gardener and my bias heavily leans in two different directions: my citrus trees and my cacti. Funnily enough, both happen to have thorns.

Devan caricature

Devan Whitacre

Production Artist/Illustrator

I am an artist, illustrator, actor, and writer. Over the years, I've expressed my creativity working on everything from personalized comics and children’s books to huge street murals. I've written, directed, and performed in multiple plays, including a one-man Christmas Carol every year. During the summer, I teach and direct children's theater in Shepherdstown, WV. I’m working on publishing my first web comic, finishing my first novel, and illustrating the crazy antics of a D&D game I run. I spend the rest of my free time with my wife and two boys. At AlphaGraphics Loudoun, I get to see the creative process from beginning to end. I handle the production of everything from business cards to brochures to forms to books. I'm also given opportunities to create concept art, illustrations, and designs for some of our small businesses and nonprofit customers. I love working at AlphaGraphics because it's all the creatives work together to achieve the clients' goals. The collaboration and teamwork at AlphaGraphics provides an incredible work culture and results in creative products I can be proud of just about every day.

Katara the dog profile image


Office Greeter

I'm an engineer of first impressions vigilantly guarding the door to greet everyone. I'm devoted to my work and feel this is my natural calling - also, whistles are good for calling me.

Kate McCaffrey caricature

Kate McCaffrey

Senior graphic Designer

Kate has 9 years of experience in the industry, specializing in print media and experiential graphic design. She provides high-quality, eye-catching work that will land exceptional results. She enjoys the variety of projects and loves working with color. Sbe enjoys a wide breath of pastimes including rock climbing, hiking, biking, painting & drawing, board games and social events.

Meghan Lacey caricature

Meghan Lacey

Web Developer

I am a website developer here at AG Loudoun, and I specialize in creating Wordpress websites using Divi for our many clients. I love using creative solutions to build and design websites with Divi, and I have a lot of fun coming up with new thoughts and ideas to make these websites come to life. Web design and web development has been a big professional passion of mine since 2008 and I hope to keep learning and growing during my time at AG Loudoun. Outside of work, one of my big passions is working in C++ and Unreal Engine 5 to create an open-world video game. In addition to web design and programming, I am a voracious reader and have around 2000 books to my name so far, and my interests run the gamut of fantasy, science fiction, and horror to paleontology, true crime and the supernatural.

Osama caricature

Osama Abbasi

Deputy Operations Manager

I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in digital arts and love the opportunity to put what I learned into practice at AlphGraphics. I have a real passion for art and it seems a natural fit for serving clients' needs daily. In my off-time I divide my time playing video games and pursuing my interests in digital art.

Sam Crowe Web Developer

Sam Crowe

Web Developer

I've been a website developer here at AG Loudoun since 2022 and that started my love affair with the Divi theme. I'm a laid back and agreeable Pisces. My real passion is for making a positive change in the world and being part of the team here at AlphaGraphics means I get to have a strong impact on the success of small businesses by getting them found on the web. I am happily married, the proud father of three wonderful boys and in my spare time I enjoy playing fancy boardgames and poker with my friends.

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