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7 Essential Promotional Products for Trade Shows

Branded Promotional Products

Networking is a key part of any successful business. It gives you the chance to make relationships in the industry that can lead to better business. But it can be difficult to find ways to meet other professionals in your area.

That's where a trade show comes in! These bring together all kinds of experts into one place to meet and learn from each other.

Simply attending a trade show isn't going to give you the best experience. Draw others to your booth with some custom eco-friendly promotional items. Not only will you get more visitors, you'll create brand recognition as well.

Check out these unique trade show giveaways ideas to get your creativity going!

1. Business Cards

The easiest place to start making branded promotional products for events is with business cards. No booth is complete without great business cards ready to hand out to all their new connections.

They may seem like a basic cliche. But a good business card is the easiest way to share all of the business information. And when done right, they can make a big splash.

Designing business cards is the perfect time to define your brand's identity. Utilize each small inch to share your personality and style. It's amazing the impact a small piece of paper can have on a company. Use it wisely!

2. Customized Pens

When it comes to personalized corporate gifts for clients, it should be something that's used often. And what's used more in an office than pens?

Bringing customized pens is a great way to remind visitors about you long after it's over.

Most logos or company names will fit right on the side of the pen. You can also choose your brand's main color to drive home your identity even more. And the best part about choosing pens is how portable they are. You can bring thousands with you in just a couple of boxes. There's no need for heavy lifting with this option.

3. Branded Lanyards

Another easy-to-carry option would be branded lanyards. And these are a little more unique and fun than pens. They're the perfect creative customized promotional merchandise.

Lanyards make a great choice because they quickly become a walking billboard. Everyone who gets one and puts it around their neck is then showing off your logo and branding to the rest of the show. The reach is exponential with these kinds of items.

Not to mention it can be a fun place for trade show visitors to clip other swag. They can keep a collection of business cards, pens, or pins on their lanyard.

To take your lanyard up a level, choose a brighter color that will stand out among the crowd!

4. Promotional Apparel

An option for high-quality custom logo merchandise is apparel. The first thought is to stick with t-shirts with your logo printed large on the front. But there are so many other options you can go with!

There are options to switch it up a little bit with a vest or a jacket. Or you could go more out of the box and choose a hat. Even socks with your printed logo would be a fun gift for your booth visitors. The possibilities are endless and you can print on all sorts of clothing.

Tote bags or fabric backpacks are great for trade shows as well. Not only do they look awesome, but they're also very practical in that setting.

Whatever you choose, apparel is a great marketing investment as it continues to promote and represent your brand! And they are a great eco-friendly swag idea for green businesses because they won't be thrown away quickly.

5. Simple Tech Tools

There isn't a ton of innovation when you see what kind of branded merchandise is being handed out at trade shows. Many companies rely on the same options to share their companies with visitors. But there's so much untapped potential when you look at simple tech tools.

Things like pop sockets, phone cases, phone holders, or external chargers are great.

Every visitor loves swag that's useful and helps solve a problem. Think about ways you can help make your booth visitors' lives a little easier while still representing your business. That's the winning combo.

6. Unique Drinkware

These days everyone has a favorite water bottle that goes with them everywhere. Why not make it one with your company's logo on it?

And if a water bottle doesn't seem exciting enough, there are many drinkware options. These make very unique merchandised gifts for a trade show. They will be the big ticket item that everyone wants to get!

One of the great things about choosing this type of merchandise is how big you're able to print the logo. Few other options have as much real estate for design as these.

7. Merchandise Kits

What's better than one great promotional tool for a trade show? A whole kit of them!

The best thing you can do for your trade show booth is to diversify the things that you bring. This gives you a lot of options to meet the demand of visitors. And it's more fun to have a variety to offer than one singular thing.

Trade shows are only as successful as your preparation. It's a good idea to start working with a great printing team long before the show. This will give you enough time to get all of your swag ready to go and looking right. These professionals know how to get it all right!

Custom Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for Trade Shows

Making an affordable order for bulk promotional products for small businesses before a trade show can make all the difference. With the right merchandise, your booth will be the one to visit for everyone at the show. You'll find new industry connections and maybe even some customers!

Best of all, finding custom eco-friendly promotional items doesn't have to be complicated. Working with professional printers means you share your files and they'll do the rest!

Our team at AlphaGraphics knows how to handle all of your printing needs! We've been helping customers print the best promotional products for trade shows for decades. Start by getting a quote for your next project!

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